Real Estate SEO Services

The current pandemic situation placed global economies into fluctuation, but the resilient real estate market continues to thrive and will most likely experience lots of changes in the coming periods. This includes how people and realtors sell, buy and rent properties. 

And the prospects look highly promising.

In the United States, the housing market experienced an upsurge in prices and surprisingly surpassed the $300,000 level for the first time ever, driven by record-low mortgage rates and strong housing demand. Economists believe prices will continue to slowly go up and stabilize towards the end of 2020 and the coming years.   

Here at Digital Marketing Philippines, our team of digital marketing experts and specialists is ready to roll their sleeves and up, get down to business with your team – and support your real estate campaigns with our SEO Services. 

Why Hire Real Estate SEO Services?

Home buying and selling continues to improve from previous pandemic lows, and is expected to continue doing so as mortgage rates remain stable and affordable over the next 18 months. As expected, millennials remain at the forefront of the real estate market, taking the lead as the largest home buying group at 38%.  

Millennials are internet savvy and up to 98% use the Internet to do research and look for a home to rent or buy. Using a mobile device, 78% of these millennials found the perfect home to purchase. That is why it is important to make use of digital marketing strategies like SEO to get the attention of these millennial consumers. 

Just like a prime digital real estate, only the top spots of search results would truly matter, as they get up to 67.6% of all clicks. On top of that, the leads you get from SEO have a 14.6% close rate, much higher than the 1.7% close rate you’ll get from traditional methods.  

So, whether you’re selling or buying, digital marketing strategies like SEO are your tickets to getting more word-of-mouth marketing limelight and attention. That is why up to 61% of marketers today consider SEO as a marketing staple and a topmost marketing priority for their business – and so should you. 

Our SEO Services Workflow that Will Boost Your Real Estate Busines

Engaging real estate prospects and customers merely through physical space and means is a thing of the past. With Google gobbling up as much as 75% of the search engine pie, it would be highly beneficial to your business and your online presence to rank in Google’s digital real estate. 

But you can only get there if you can execute SEO campaign effectively at the fastest possible time. Working with our Real Estate SEO Services team, you can immediately start the ball rolling and get your real estate business up to speed. We can immediately run through the SEO plan and jumpstart your Digital Marketing campaign by going through the following workflows:

  • Preliminary Consultation – Our Project Managers will get in touch with you for a preliminary consultation and gather all necessary information about your real estate business. This will help us formulate a cost-effective SEO campaign and strategy that will deliver the results you want.
  • SEO Audit and Website Health Check – We’ll have your website undergo a comprehensive SEO audit. Through this, we will determine how your current online presence is performing, identify issues and vulnerabilities and determine its overall health.
  • SEO Recommendations – We will then provide an SEO recommendation report which is integrated with a comprehensive keyword research summary, all geared towards helping your website achieve the next steps towards optimum performance. 
  • Team Assignment and Delegation – A specialized team of digital marketing experts led by experienced and responsible Project Managers will be assigned to provide you with SEO services support. Once a team and the appropriate strategies are in place, the team is then instructed to commence with the SEO campaign activation.   
  • Content Development and CreationHigh-quality content is one of the most important SEO elements Google considers highly important for ranking. Our team can help you develop and create high-quality and SEO-effective photos, videos and other digital materials that we will use in your campaigns. 
  • Timelines and Milestones – Our Project Management team will provide you with a comprehensive timeline outlining all key milestones and expected updates and deliverables at these specific periods. You have complete visibility of all activities, monitor progress, and receive a detailed report of accomplishments. 

What Sets Our Real Estate SEO Services Apart

The strategies and approaches employed by Real Estate SEO Services provider like Digital Marketing Philippines may have similarities in terms of conventions and specific activities to other agencies. This is a common phenomenon as these involve proven methodologies that are both scientific and well tested.

However, what sets our Real Estate SEO Services apart from the rest goes beyond these specific services and deliverables. In a nutshell, the team at Digital Marketing Philippines is dedicated to deliver favorable results from our SEO strategies and efforts, willing to go the extra mile to help your Real Estate business achieve your goals. 

What You Will Receive from Our Real Estate SEO Services

We at Digital Marketing Philippines is ready to provide you with a comprehensive array of effective Real Estate SEO services. These are designed to jumpstart your digital marketing initiatives, boost your online presence, drive traffic and ranking to your websites, and generate revenue for your business. 

This involves the planning and execution of various digital marketing activities related to boosting SEO performance. The following describes our top-quality services that comprises our Real Estate SEO Services Package:

  • Website Audit and Health Check 
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • High-Quality Content Creation
  • Performance Tracking and Monitoring

Like word-of-mouth marketing, an effective SEO campaign will deliver favorable results over time. Just consider Digital Marketing Philippines as your efficient and effective partner that can help boost your real estate brand and business, continuously delivering high-quality SEO services that generate results – without the drain on your resources and competencies.

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