SEO Rates & Packages in Philippines

A successful search engine optimization or SEO campaign is becoming a necessity in this digital era as more people are depending on the internet to find a suitable business that can provide their needed products and services. Moreover, most businesses understand that outsourcing SEO to the Philippines is a cost-effective and value-driven proposition. That’s why a lot of them are availing SEO services performanced by Philippines SEO Agencies.

But how much does it cost compared to other agencies? What are the reasonable SEO rates and packages in the Philippines?

Here are the SEO Rates & Packages in the Philippines:

Starter Or Basic SEO Package
$500 to $800 per month

These packages are usually bare minimum and can only cater to small businesses with less competition.

Mid-level SEO Package
$800 to $3,000 per month

These packages can work well with mid-sized competition.

High-level SEO Package
$3,000 to $7,000 per month

These packages can work with high-level competition and very competitive e-commerce websites.

Enterprise SEO Range
$10,000 to $20,000 per month or more

These packages can work with multinational companies with different target countries and languages.

Why Do SEO for Your Business?

SEO can be an excellent strategy that helps your company stay ahead of your competitors in the highly competitive digital market. But you need the right SEO tools and techniques to ensure a successful campaign. At Digital Marketing Philippines, we will help you implement a strong and effective SEO strategy to make your search engine friendly and easily found on the web by your target prospects.

How Does Our SEO Service Work?

One-Time Part

Phase 1: Keyword Research, Expectation and the SEO Process Discussion

We will discuss our SEO process with you, what your expectations may be in our activities, and answer all questions you might have. During the SEO process discussion, we will determine the best keywords for your business that will be worth our efforts.

Phase 2: Technical SEO Analysis (On-page) and Implementation of On-page SEO Suggestions

We will thoroughly analyze your website’s technical side for SEO purposes and make on-page SEO suggestions.

One-Time Part

Phase 3: Linkable Asset Creation

We will discuss what particular linkable assets we can create for your business’s website. Creating linkable assets, such as how-to articles, comprehensive guides, infographics, and other web content, is among the first steps in having your website comply with semantic SEO.

Phase 4: Content Marketing Activities

We will implement strategic content marketing activities to promote your web content so that it will be shown to your most targeted prospects online. These activities include posting the content to relevant groups across different web platforms and using paid methods to promote your website’s content.

Phase 5: Social SEO

We will implement strategies that will increase your business’s social activities and create social buzz for your business and website.

Phase 6: Niche-Related Site Outreach

We will look for high-domain authority websites in your niche and outreach them for possible content inclusion. In semantic SEO, the focus is not to create links per se but to offer highly relevant and useful content for business exposure.

Phase 7: Content-Driven and Quality Link Building

We will implement content-driven link-building activities, such as submission of PDF, SlideShare, and infographics to local directories.

Phase 8: Analysis and Monthly Review

We will provide you with a monthly review of your SEO campaign. This will include a detailed analysis of our SEO efforts and what we can do to further improve your campaign.

Implement Your SEO Campaign with Digital Marketing Philippines

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