Top 5 Most Effective Online Lead Generation Ideas According to Experts (Infographic)

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The 2014 Global Digital Statistics, Stats & Facts report indicate that there are approximately 2.5 billion people online. Just imagine tapping into this incredibly large market. Capturing merely a fraction of such a tremendous source of customers could lead to considerable profits for your brand, products or services.

global digital marketing snapshot 2014 

How can you tap into this very huge global market? The answer to that is Online Lead Generation. This is now the age where cold sales calling and elaborate sales team efforts are slowly ebbing away into the past. What business owners need now to tap into this bountiful market are effective digital marketing tools specifically designed for maximum lead generation results. There are many tools of these kinds available for businesses to use, however it would be best for business owners to select which lead generation technique will cater to their unique business needs and environment.

Digital Marketing Philippines takes you into this journey of exploring lead generation ideas that were specifically tested and proven to deliver results. These ideas were intended to guide you in making your ultimate goal of increasing sales and revenues through effective online lead generation techniques. In no particular order, here are the top 5 most effective online lead generation ideas as recommended by experts in the field of Digital and Internet Marketing.

The infographic (click to zoom):

Top 5 Most Effective Online Lead Generation Ideas According to Experts

 1. Online Lead Generation by Website Optimization

Your website and/or landing page lie at the central hub for conducting an online business and is where most of the sales transactions will like take action. The results of a LinkedIn B2B Technology Community survey conducted among more than 800 B2B marketers indicate that website optimization for better lead acquisition is among the top 3 effective lead generation ideas.

Experts from the Brainrider Knowledge Marketing Group showcase some websites that were already optimized for lead generation. Don’t expect to have good lead generation if your website has not yet been updated or optimized for the last 3 years according to Brainrider who recommends the following best practices for optimizing your websites and landing for better lead generation:

  • Customer-focused website navigation for ease in understanding your content
  • Highly targeted customer-focused content that helps your audience in the purchase decision making process
  • Set multiple calls-to-action that entices your audiences to subscribe, download, contact you or make a purchase – together with good visuals like large action buttons
  • Help your prospects in their budgeting process by making it easy for them to understand your pricing schemes with products clearly categorized according to price ranges
  • Access to lead generation forms should be present in both your main content and sidebars

2. Online Lead Generation by Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is still the primary lead generation strategy used by top digital marketers according to several reports including the State of Digital Marketing Report from online marketing expert Webmarketing123. This survey included more than 500 online marketers in the US, with SEO garnering the biggest impact on lead generation for both B2B and B2C markets.

lead generation survey b2b and b2c 


SEO is ideal for generating leads particularly through organic web searches that consumers use everyday. Good ranking in search results means higher visibility for websites or landing pages, generating a lot of leads in the process. There are several SEO techniques that you can choose from but content marketing should be your primary focus in SEO.

The 2014 B2B Content Marketing Research by the Content Marketing Institute highlighted that 93% of digital marketers will make use of SEO and content marketing as a primary tool for 2014. Running SEO together with content marketing is a good strategy according to these experts in preparation for future changes in search engine algorithms that may occur. For these experts, the link building strategies done in the past won’t cut it anymore and 92% percent believe that creating really good content is the way for generating better leads through SEO in 2014 and beyond.

3. Online Lead Generation through Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising is still alive and strong, helping businesses generate a great deal of highly targeted traffic that has the most probability for lead conversion. If your business is just new in the Digital Marketing arena, then PPC would be your ideal launching point, quickly generating good results and the quickest possible time. The 2013 State of Paid Search Report highlighted that up to 72% of digital marketers find PPC advertising very effective in lead generation and plans to increase their budget in 2014 for PPC ads.

 ppc marketing growth 2014

 PPC spending survey 

Google Adwords still stand at the forefront for PPC advertising as indicated in the diagram above from the 2013 State of Paid Search Report. While many frown on paid advertising as a digital marketing tool, these experts believe that PPC ads is still a very viable and high quality resource for generating valuable leads and will most likely continue on this thread for years to come. New businesses can quickly generate their much needed leads using PPC ads, and veteran digital marketers will continue to make use of this important tool for generating good results that will push them towards their goals.

4. Online Lead Generation through Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most effective sources for lead generation and the 1.8 billion users of social networks definitely won’t lie, as reported by the 2014 Global Digital Statistics, Stats and Facts. The report also indicated that more than 135 million users of the top social networks were added in 2012, with Facebook jumping to an astounding 1.184 billion active users.

 Activer users by social platform survey

 Social media is a very important channel not only in engaging or connecting with your targeted audiences, but it has evolved into a new digital marketing culture that has a strong influence on consumers’ buying behavior. Studies from industry experts like Forbes indicate that up to two-thirds of the top sales experts in the world categorize social media as an important lead generation and sales channel.

Chadwick Martin Bailey, another expert market research firm, reported that up to 51 percent of Facebook users and 67 percent of Twitter fanatics will most like purchase recommendations from brands they are a fan or a follower of. Such is the impact of Social Media on lead generation and sales that revenues are expected to go up exponentially in the coming years according to experts like eMarketer in their report on the US Social Network Ad Revenues 2012-2015.

us social network ad revenue 

 5. Online Lead Generation by Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead and is definitely one of the most effective lead generation tool according to Digital Marketing experts. iContact reported that even though email is an old internet marketing tool, many still use email heavily on a daily basis as indicated in the graph below. The report states that email marketing still delivers a good deal for your investments, averaging a $44 ROI for every dollar spent if proper email marketing techniques are used and executed.

 current state of email

The report also indicated that email can still influence consumers’ buying behavior in a world where too many information are flooding every available online channel they can have their hands on. According to the report, up to 83% of consumers will most likely spend more during their shopping or purchases if they get good information about brands, products or services through email. From this list of consumers, order were actually 44% larger while others would make online purchases 28% more often.

 How effective is email marketing

Lead generation is still at the heart and soul of doing business and this fact applies both to online or traditional methods of generating prospects that eventually can be converted into paying customers. There are so many ways available for generating valuable leads online but making use of these time-proven and expert-recommended ways of generating leads online should put your business at the forefront of making headway and generating favorable results from your digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Philippines, in its commitment for providing you with valuable tools for Internet Marketing success, have outlined the Top 5 most effective channels among these myriad ways for online lead generation. It is still up to the business owner or digital marketer to choose, test, and validate which of these tools will fit perfectly well with their business niche or nature. The key here is start using these tools now, generate more leads that you can handle – and reach your Digital Marketing goals for 2014 and beyond.

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    Great post! Lead generation can be tricky for most internet marketers who are starting out. I remember when i was starting out i spent a lot of money on paid ads just to get leads but a few months into the game I learnt attraction marketing through a very good leadgen company and as of now I rarely spend money on paid ads. And thats what I’d urge most marketers to do, (Acquire the skills and you will need not to worry about leads)

    • Jomer Gregorio

      Thanks for sharing your own experience. In most of the clients we handle, paid advertising is an essential part of the strategy similar to other channels like SEO, social, etc.

      It may be possible to generate leads without paid advertising but we must contextualize it and not to give a false impression that its applicable to ANY or ALL business verticals.

      Thank you!

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    we must focus on free SMM marketing or using paid advertisement?

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      I suggest you use both. 2 channels is still better than 1 I think?

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    Some one told me Social media return 1 to 5% conversion but I got 10 to 20% conversion. It is only possible trough strong lead generation technique both for Social media and website….Thanks a lot for share this informative post…

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    Great post, Jomer. The various tactics, strategies and techniques for online lead generation that you have shared above are really useful. We can also use various tools like Zoominfo, SalesLoft, Aeroleads, etc for automating the process of finding relevant prospect details and therefore making our work easier as we get a list of verified emails.

  • Rajesh

    Hi Jomer,
    You posted this post 3 years ago but these technique are still provide the same value as same as they provide 3 years before.
    Lead generation is our main bottom line to do any thing on internet. Basically people are using internet for 2 purpose, 1st is to KNOW SOMETHING or 2nd is ENTERTAINMENT but now people there 3rd thing is also come which is to BUY SOMETHING. Yes, Now People are coming online to buy something. and there is come up a lead generation.
    What ever we do online if we are not getting lead there our total activity are waste of time.

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