How to Find the Right Graphic Designer in the Philippines? (Infographic)


Filipino designers are one of the most favorite designers in the world mainly due to their superior English and affordable services with quality on par with western countries.

In the current outsourcing scene, graphic design or creative work are becoming more in demand for small medium business as well as enterprise clients. If you are reading this blog, chances are you might be looking for some graphic design services.

If you want to try working with a Filipino creative then the following tips may come in handy.

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As mentioned earlier, Filipinos take pride in being good English speakers so it should not be a problem for you to find a Filipino graphics designer with good communication skills. It is important for creatives to know how to communicate with a client.

“Good communicators can explain their ideas to others in ways that make sense and are easy to understand,” according to the website Career Quest Learning Centers.

As they say, communication is a two-way street. They should know how to receive and understand directions but at the same time, they should also know how to express their ideas clearly and effectively.

Talent is wasted on a designer who does not know how to follow instructions. Good communication skills are also important in negotiating and developing relationships with clients.


Time management is one area where Filipinos can have a disadvantage. At the risk of sounding racist, Filipinos do tend to have a relaxed attitude towards time.

There is an effort to change this, however. In 2011, the Philippine government through its Science Department has launched a campaign called “Juan Time.” Juan is a common name in the Philippines. The effort aims to promote time-consciousness among Filipinos.

This is something that is slowly changing now as Gen Z and Millennials takes over the workplace and setting up new standards and breaking stereotypes.

Those who are planning to hire a Filipino graphics designer need to make sure that they hire someone who can work with a definite timeline. Time is gold. No matter how good a graphics designer is if they can’t meet deadlines then your business will surely suffer.


It is expected that graphics designers today are well versed in design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. But if you can, you should look for a graphics designer that also has other technical skills.

According to, one of the questions that you need to ask a potential graphic designer is, “how do you stay abreast of the latest design trends?”

Particularly, you should look for someone who is adept at using web design tools such as HTML and CSS. If you are looking for someone to create your logo, then hiring a designer with excellent knowledge of typography will be to your advantage.

Filipinos are usually a jack-of-all-trades type so looking for a Filipino who is multi-talented and multi-skilled should not be a problem.


It is quite tempting to hire a young graphics designer with their exciting ideas and enthusiasm. Not to mention that young designers usually charge lower than their older counterparts. But experience is actually important for a designer.

In general, an experienced designer is not only good at design but also in the fields of branding and even marketing. The key is to find an experienced designer who still has the exuberance and vibrancy of youth.

As observed by Jennifer Liberto in an article for Fast Company, “skew young and you miss insight, skew old and you miss new perspectives.”

The best way to check the experience of a designer is to ask for their portfolio. A designer’s portfolio will be able to tell you their capabilities and whether the designs match the standards and aesthetic identity of your business.


According to LinkedIn, creativity is the most important skill in the world and one of the skills companies need most. Believe it or not, not all graphic designers are creative.

There’s a difference between knowing how to use computer software and being able to use one to create an attractive piece. The best graphic designers are those who can create simple yet elegant designs.

It is also important to hire someone who is flexible, especially if you have different kinds of requirements. It makes more sense to hire a designer who can do different kinds of work than to hire several designers to do different tasks.

Filipinos are naturally creative and talented. For sure, you won’t have a hard time looking for a Filipino graphic designer who can meet all your needs.


It is important to hire a graphic designer who has a good eye for detail. Indeed, the devil is really in the details, even in a simple logo. Someone who has an eye for detail has respect for both his own work and the needs of the client.

They must know that each element of artwork has value and purpose. They do not add an element just for the sake of adding it or to fill a space.

According to Tim Bradley from ATB Creative Blog, “Attention to detail doesn’t mean adding more to a design that doesn’t need it, and may in fact require you to remove elements that are getting in the way.”

Designers who pay attention to the littlest detail may take more time to finish a task, but their work usually require little or no revisions. Filipino artists have good eyes for detail. This is evident in traditional Filipino art forms such as wood carving and weaving.


As mentioned above, Filipino graphic designers have one  of the most affordable services out there. If you do manage to find one who is perfect for your business, be sure to treat that person fairly. And if your budget permits it, give the guy more than what he is asking for.

According to statistics, workers who feel their employers treat them fairly are 63% more satisfied with their jobs. Filipinos can be fiercely loyal. So if you treat your Filipino graphic designer well, then you have yourself a keeper.

The human resource problems mentioned above can be solved if you hire a professional graphic design agency like Digital Marketing Philippines. All our graphic designers are trained and vetted to the best in what they do. As an agency who have been serving clients for a decade now, you can be sure we will follow your requirement and produce project based on it.

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