Why a Responsive and Custom-Designed Website is a Good Investment? (Infographic)


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It is predicted that the use of mobile phones will soon overtake the use of desktop and laptop computers, especially this 2014. It isn’t surprising at all, especially because the features of smartphones already mimic what desktop and laptop computers can do. Not to mention, these phones come out a lot cheaper and are more accessible that pretty soon, mobile internet usage will take over desktop internet usage. In case you didn’t know yet, Americans spend 2.7 hours a day on an average using and socializing on their mobile phones—which is why 2014 may very well be called the Year of the Mobile Phone.

Because of this, business owners really do need to consider revamping their online properties and monitoring its effects—particularly if their websites are not mobile responsive or optimized for mobile and tablet users yet. This could lead to higher bounce rates, negative feedback, and worst of all, loss of impact, loyalty, and sales.

To give you a better understanding on responsive and custom-designed websites, here below are eight reasons why investing in a mobile and tablet-friendly website is a wise and practical move for your business.

The infographic (click to zoom):

Why a Responsive and Custom-Designed Website is a Good Investment

1. Better User Experience

First and foremost, it provides your users a better online experience. Mobile responsive websites automatically adjust depending on the size of the screen or device being used. No need to zoom in on text or images that are too small to be seen. This provides your users a better and smoother experience, and opens up the opportunities of converting them into buyers and loyal customers. On a side note, you get to have bragging rights that your site is the easiest to navigate, has cool features, and is one of the most beautiful regardless of whether it is seen on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 85% of adults actually believe that a mobile site must be as good as its desktop version, if not better.

2. Cost-Efficient

Though having a mobile responsive website developed seems more costly than having a conventional website developed, think of the trends and how everyone practically owns a smartphone or tablet—and remember that these people are part of your market, too. Instead of having a desktop site developed, and then realizing later on that you need to build a mobile site from scratch just to cater to these users, which is double the time, effort, and costs, having a mobile responsive website cuts down the workload and investment as you are already hitting two birds with one stone.

3. Mobile is the Future

We can’t reiterate enough how 2014 is the year of the mobile phone. It’s evident in how people prefer to use their mobile devices than their desktop or laptop computers. Study shows that over 60% of USA’s population of mobile owners are smartphone users. By 2017, it is predicted that 5 billion people will own Internet-enabled devices, so making your website responsive is really the best way to go, in order to reach all of these people.

4. Google-Friendly

84% of searches online are done on Google. Business owners know that if they want to be seen by their market, that it’s wisest to be found on Google. If you’re looking to optimize your website for search engines, mobile responsive websites are very Google-friendly. In fact, Google not only recommends having a responsive website design, but also favors it over those that aren’t. This is proven for mobile users who search local products and services. Finding your website on Google and being able to navigate it easily will without a doubt lead to higher conversion rates.

5. Lower Bounce Rate

Having a mobile responsive website also reduces the rate of users leaving right away. This is true for websites that are hard to navigate, especially on tablets and mobile phones. With mobile responsive and custom-designed websites, users are enticed to stay on your site and browse a little longer—lowering the bounce rate and increasing their time spent on the site. The longer they stay on the site and browse, the likely they’ll see something they like and purchase it.

6. Stay Ahead in the Game

If your website isn’t responsive yet and your competitor’s website is, it could be a huge threat to your business. Remember that in the business world, you need to always stay ahead of your competition. Since more and more users worldwide are using their smartphones and tablets to search and make purchases online, it’s crucial to cater to this audience by having a mobile-friendly website.

7. Here to Stay

In case you’re wondering if having a mobile responsive website is just a trend and that everyone is just jumping in the bandwagon, think again! The facts and studies only show that mobile and tablet usage will grow exponentially in the next three years. Not adjusting to this revolutionary change can leave you behind, and affect your business badly.

8. Long-Term Investment

Investing nowadays in a mobile responsive website or redesigning an existing website to make it mobile responsive is definitely worth its costs because just this year, we’re already preparing ourselves for the shift in mobile usage. Having a mobile responsive website prepares us for what’s ahead in this digital age, regardless of whether the user is on his smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This makes a huge impact on search engine optimization, making your SEO strategies easier to achieve, and eventually delivering speedy results.

Now that you know the facts about mobile responsive websites, it’s best to note that it doesn’t just provide better-looking designs for the user. It gives them an easier time, and it also has effects when it comes to Google’s search engine rankings. Given this, you’re already providing your customer a faster and more convenient way to make a transaction. So the next time you question why you need a responsive site for your business, just think about it this way: you’re investing a small price for your business to expand even more. It definitely puts your business in a powerful and unstoppable situation.

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