10 Reasons Why Having Responsive Website Is a Great Investment? (Infographic)


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The concepts of web designing are rapidly changing every day. Newer ideas, technologies, developer platforms, SDKs are coming up to help the designers and developers around the world. Responsive web development is one of the most talked concepts ever! All of website owners, web developers and designers are becoming interested about this amazing designing concept. It’s a great investment for a business owner, as he would not only save money in future, but would also get more conversions from a responsive website!

The following 10 reasons explore why having a responsive website is a great investment for your business. The infographic (click to zoom):

10 Reasons Why Having Responsive Website Is a Great Investment

#1. It’s The New Age Web Designing

It was a simple HTML webpage even a decade back, and in last few years, the rapid changes in this field has stunned us all and we are in this age of responsive websites! Responsive web designing is one of the most powerful modern concepts in the web development arena. This concept truly speaks about the futuristic progression of websites. The websites are becoming more prepared and accessible for different devices with this concept. This new age web designing is a great step ahead towards the age of technological excellence.

#2. It’s All About The Best UX

Every website owners wants to enrich the user experience of his visitors. He wants to make the audience happy and satisfied with the interface he’s offering. Responsive websites offer a website visitor utmost comfort and an amazing user experience. No matter if the visitor has been surfing from his desktop, his laptop, tablet or even his mobile – he will have the same great feeling while surfing the website. If you want the best user experience for your visitors, you can’t rely on anything else than a responsive website.

#3. It’ll Help You Stay Ahead In The Competition

Who doesn’t want to stay ahead in the extremely competitive field of internet businesses? All the leading businesses online are now interested in developing responsive websites instead of the device specific websites. If you want to keep up with the competition, you have to prepare yourself and get your budget ready for investing on the web developers’ expert in responsive designs. This investment should be included in your business strategy NOW!

#4. Responsive Web Designs Make Things Easier

Most designers say that the responsive websites are made for the lazy people. These responsive websites are fairly simple and easy to manage. With a responsive website, you don’t have to maintain different websites for mobile devices. You can work on one single platform and keep things updated hassle free. That’s how, a responsive website makes life easier for a website owner. These websites are also very simple to handle and operate. You just need to know the basics to do the troubleshooting by yourself.

#5. The Most Cost Effective Option Today

Some website owners consider this to be an expensive development plan; however, those who have already launched their responsive website say something different. They say, it may take a bit more money to invest to hire an expert designer, but these websites are real cost savers. They can save you from lots and lots of hassles; at the same time help you save a decent amount of maintenance cost. That’s why it’s considered as one of the most cost effective development options today!

#6. Targeting The Vast Mobile Audience Group

In the last couple of years, the number of users accessing internet from a mobile device has been doubled. A report from B3 Multimedia shows that in December 2013, only 55 percent of the internet surfers were using desktops and the rest were using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Whereas the scenario was a lot different back in 2010 when almost 93 percent users were using desktops. The increasingly popular trend of mobile computing has made the webmasters become more interested about targeting mobile audience with special attention. This definitely makes responsive web design (RWD) as the most preferred option for the web investors today!

#7. Easier For SEO And Marketing Online

If you have used HTML websites before, you may have faced the hurdles of SEO-ing the different device specific websites. Running multiple versions of the same website itself is a hassle and when it comes to marketing them one by one, it’s another big challenge for the internet marketers. That’s why, the leading SEO consultants, firms and websites like Site Pro News are encouraging the internet investors to invest on responsive websites. This makes marketing and SEO simpler than ever and these websites also seem to do very well with the response from the audiences.

#8. Search Engines Prefer Responsive Websites

When you’re running a business website online, you have a primary and the most obvious focus to get conversions. This can happen when you have a decent traffic funnel from the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These major search engines, along with the smaller networks prefer responsive designs than others. In many research and studies, experts have found that the responsive websites rank better than other websites with similar CONTENT! If you want to conquer the search engines, you definitely need a responsive design on your website.

#9. CMS Platforms Are Supporting Responsive Designs

Using a content management system (CMS) is always a preferred option for the web marketers. Millions of websites are hosted using CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and so on. These platforms make site maintenance and updating easier than ever before. Even these amazing CMSs are also started using responsive themes. These content management platforms have also realized that mobile computing is going to be an integral part of consumer level UX and they need responsive platforms as soon as possible.

#10. Invest Now To Save Later

Finally, every great business mind thinks about saving money before making profit. This only helps him make more money from the business operation. The concept of responsive web designing (RWD) is going to be viral in near future and it’ll take a lot more money to hire an RWD-expert then. If you’re smart or want to act smart – you should think about saving money later by investing on the designers now. That’s why it’s the most important reason why you should invest on developing a responsive website!

The World Wide Web changes rapidly than anything else on earth. Running a business online is lot more challenging than any other platform. Here, you have to take the decision fast, at least before your competitors do! Responsive websites are something that you need to take seriously! If you take some money now and invest on a responsive web design service, you’re clearly staying ahead in the competition. And that’s it – the ball is in your court now!

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