5 Do’s and Don’ts When Doing Remarketing in PPC


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Remarketing is one of the newest advertising tactics nowadays for it allows you to reach out to those who visited your site but did not convert as a lead or sale. Sure, there are lots of reasons why these people do such thing, that is why it is really a good strategy to remind them that your site definitely has what they need.

All these have become possible through remarketing tags. These remarketing tags allow you to retarget people online by installing specific tags on your web pages and therefore optimizing them so when they visit these pages, a cookie with special tracking code is placed in their computer, allowing PPC networks to serve search and display ads to the sites these users will visit next.

But of course, like any other powerful tactic, one should make use of it properly to expect best results. Of course, you do not want to market to the wrong people in your PPC ads. Not being able to maximize your brand’s exposure is also a not so good thing.

5 Do’s in Using Remarketing

1. Specify behaviors of online visitors you are going to remarket to

When installing remarketing tag on your web pages, make sure that you specify user behaviors in them. This will allow you to remarket to your visitors depending on their specific behaviors. This will allow you to have a separate remarketing approach to the ones who were already converted as compared to the ones who just abandoned your site for some reason.

2. Select your audience well

In any advertising strategy, knowing and even choosing your audience well is very important. If your site offers a lot of things, make sure that you keep track of the specific things they are looking for so you can address them individually instead of generally. This way, you can show only specific display ads to those who really need or want them.

3. Know about proper timing

Timing is also a very important component when you are working on remarketing. Do not forget to set specific time frames for display ads to make sure that they will only be shown within a certain span of time. This will avoid overdoing it by showing the same things over and over for a long period of time.

4. Adjust to specific audiences

One of the perks offered by remarketing is being able to reach out again to those who have already clicked on that red “x” button on the corner of their windows. There are lots of things you can think of. Perhaps, they need more time to think about whatever you are offering or maybe they just find your product too expensive. Knowing this, it is then valid to say that you can actually adjust based on the online behavior of these users through the use of the right strategy. Now, if you already know the behavior of these users then it is easier for you to make some adjustments in order to make them more interested in your offering.

5. Bid higher (with moderaton)

Once you already identified the audience to whom you are supposed to showcase your brand even more, it is about time to exert more effort and make sure they are able to feel more of your presence. You can do it by bidding higher to make sure that they see your ads and therefore expect for better results. Of course you only need to do this if you are able or your marketing budget can accomodate such bid increase.

5 Don’ts in Using Remarketing

1. Don’t Forget about privacy policy

Before you add remarketing tags in your pages, do not forget to declare the use of cookies that allow you to reach them again even after their visit. This way, you can avoid being an annoying maketer who keeps on stalking its viewers just because they visited your page.

2. Don’t Overdo it by following your visitor everywhere

One of the most common mistakes of people who do remarketing is failing to set frequency cap. This means that they do not put limits on how often ads appear on the sites visited by the users who were previously on their sites. The thing is, you can actually remarket to people without intruding their privacy and stalking them everywhere they go online. All you have to do is set the frequency cap when you make your configurations and make sure that you only show your ads to them in a certain number of times for each day or week. This way, you can avoid appearing to be a marketer who keeps nagging about your brand.

3. Don’t Hesitate to refine your targeting

While online behavior is a good basis when you are remarketing, it is also recommended that you refine your targeting to maximize the potential of your display ads. Apart from simply identifying your audience through their online behaviors, it is also helpful to identify them through their gender and age brackets, therefore ensuring that your display ads also appear to those who perfectly suit them.

4. Do not limit yourself

Earlier, it was already said that you should stop showing the same ads over and over to the same set of people. For example, it is not recommended that you show the same display ad to someone who has already bought from you. However, this does not mean that you cannot upsell anymore. Of course, you can. Just make sure you do proper adjustments on the targeting settings and new ads that you are going to show to these existing customers.

5. Do not annoy your customers

Remarketing is really a powerful strategy every online advertiser can make use of. But of course, this does not mean that you already have the right to overkill things and be annoying to the point that you make your customers sick and tired of the things you have to show them online. Like what was mentioned earlier, do not stalk them. Also, do not get confused with your audience to the point that you show them the wrong display ads.

So properly use remarketing ads today to get more exposure and conversions for your business.

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