The Anatomy of a High-Performing Landing Page (Infographic)


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Business owners and digital marketers aim to increase and sales by conducting digital marketing campaigns that include Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email or Newsletter Marketing. However, many fall into the mistake of driving traffic solely to their Home Pages instead of a specialized web page specifically designed with conversion in mind – the Landing Page.

To increase the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns, you need to roll out high-performing landing pages that can deliver your targeted leads or sales goals for your products or services. In our commitment in helping you reach your Internet marketing goals, Digital Marketing Philippines presents to you the anatomy of a high-performing landing page, enabling you to learn and apply how this tool can help you achieve your bottom-line goals.

 The infographic (click to zoom):

The Anatomy of a High-Performing Landing Page

What Is A High-Performing Landing Page?

In the strictest technical sense, a landing page is basically just a single web page that is designed and intended to encourage targeted website visitors to perform a specific set of desired actions, turning them into leads or sales. The term “landing” is derived from the fact that these pages are usually intended as the destination page after a targeted visitor or online user clicked on an online ad, banner, link or poster.

A vital element in any effective inbound marketing program, landing pages sits at the core of your lead generation campaigns. It can make all your marketing efforts worthwhile by providing the key to higher conversion rates through the elements and other anatomical details that make up a high-performing landing page. You need one, or more – and here’s why.

Why Do You Need A High-Performing Landing Page?

As mentioned earlier, one of the pitfalls in digital marketing is driving ALL your traffic to your Home Page. While this may bring results to some extent, your businesses’ full potential can only be achieved if you drive your traffic to a high-performing landing page instead. A landing page is responsible for talking directly to your targeted visitors, convincing or encouraging them to take the next step and perform a desired action that will convert their visit into a lead or even a sale. The following further explains why this is so:

  • A Landing Page Generates More Leads

In a free report from HubSpot entitled “Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000+ Businesses”, companies surveyed highlighted up to 55% increase in the results of their lead generation efforts by simply increasing the number of landings pages they use to market their products or services. A single landing page can deliver results, but having more landing pages can deliver more results at even higher rates.

  • A Landing Page is Tied to Your Campaign

Every digital marketing campaign, such as an ad or a link, should lead to a page where targeted visitors are told and encouraged what to do next. Even if this targeted traffic clicked on an ad or a link, 96% of the time these visitors have no intention of buying your products or services… not yet anyway. This is where high-performing landing pages come in as it can be effective in generating leads from these campaigns, enabling you to nurture a relationship with these visitors – until they are more than willing and ready to avail of what you have to offer.

  • A Landing Page Increases Conversion Rates

In an online seminar by Michael Goodman and Anna Talerico called “High-Performance Landing Pages that Boost Your Bottom Line”, it was highlighted that businesses can get as high as 200% to 600% increase in conversion rates after successfully adapting the principles used by high-performing landing pages. If they can get these results by using effective landing pages – so can you.

  • A Landing Page is a Cost-Effective Way to Get More Business

By simply streamlining your landing pages and using the principles employed by a high-performing can generate more business for your company or profession – without putting in the additional costs. You get to spend less by simply changing the way how your landing pages are presented, and by doing so you can generate a greater number of leads which can eventually be converted into sales.

  • A Landing Page Builds Better Brand Awareness

Building your online brand depends on the impression your website featuring your products or services make with targeted visitors. As the age-old adage says, first impressions really do last and it applies whether you’re targeting traditional consumers or online customers. An optimized and highly performing landing page can give a good first impression with targeted visitors, building your brand up, and creating a name and following for your brand and business in the online world.

  • A Landing Page Helps You Understand Customers Better

Targeted visitors that respond to high-performing landing pages provide valuable information about themselves in exchange for what you offer – an eBook, a membership, a newsletter or something else more innovative. The information they provide can give you an insight of who your customers are and what makes them tick as consumers. Using the power of this knowledge, you can streamline your digital marketing campaigns even better, thus generating even better results.

Things that Makes a High-Performing Landing Page

So, what elements can make a High-Performing Landing Page? Digital Marketing Philippines presents the following list that can give you a better understanding of how you can improve your landing pages and get the results you want.

  • Write a Compelling Headline

The “head” in headline clearly implies what it is – the first thing your targeted visitors see or read in your landing pages. How compelling and carefully written your headline is will determine if the visitor will proceed and know more about what you are trying to offer, or make them click on the back or cancel button. It is important that your headline clearly matches what your linked campaign or ad was saying or promising. It’s the reason why they clicked on the ad in the first place. Reading your headline and understanding in just a few words the main benefits of your page will compel your visitors to read more – leading them to eventually sign up or avail of your products or services.

  • Emphasize Your Key Benefits

What’s in it for me? This is a question most consumers ask when they see or read an advertising campaign or an offer through a landing page. To compel them to sign up or buy, list down and emphasize the main benefits your products or services can offer them. Make benefits clear and if possible well-supported by research data that will tell your targeted visitors that what you are offering is the real deal.

  • Express Strong Values of Your Products or Services

Why should we buy from you? Another question that pops up consumers’ mind when an ad or offer is thrown at them. Anticipate this question by clearly stating other strong values that your products and services have that make them better or more superior than other brands from your competitors. Be specific in highlighting these values and characteristics, particularly when it comes to better quality, ease of use, greater durability, and other attributes your products or services may have.

  • Put Key Page Elements Above the Fold

With practically millions of web pages out there, online users usually scan through pages by simply looking at elements placed above the fold. Up to 80% of the time they spent on a website is used up above the fold and will seldom scroll down to look at what the rest of the page has to say. It would be best to include all the important elements like the sign-up forms and calls-to-action above the fold.

  • Make Your Landing Pages Responsive

With practically millions of web pages out there, online users usually scan through pages by simply looking at elements placed above the fold. Up to 80% of the time they spent on a website is used up above the fold and will seldom scroll down to look at what the rest of the page has to say. It would be best to include all the important elements like the sign-up forms and calls-to-action above the fold.

  • Minimize Distractions

A high-performing landing page is streamlined with one goal in mind – conversion. That is why it is important to remove any other elements that will distract visitors away from this goal. This includes links to other pages that may catch their attention and steer them away from your page before performing any desired action. Your page should be clear, clean and direst to the point with all elements pointing or guiding your targeted visitors towards a single goal.

  • Enhance Page With Graphics and Videos

Make your landing pages more compelling by adding graphics, pictures and videos that will compel or entice them more into taking a desired action. It is emphasized that these elements should lead them towards taking action and not distract them away from your goals – like putting in a video or graphic you think is fancy but does not help in compelling visitors to sign up.

  • Include Trust Elements

Gain your targeted visitors trust and you will surely expect them to convert as leads or sales. You can do so by adding trust elements like testimonials, badges or awards from certification bodies, 3rd party verification seals, news and other media (online/offline) where your brand or business was featured, and social signals like the number of likes, shares and the number of downloads.

  • Include a Very Strong Call to Action

Lastly, compel your targeted visitors with a very strong call to action. What makes a high-performing landing page effective is that visitors know exactly what they should do next and the call to action statement or button that seems to pop out right from out of the page (you can do so by innovative use of contrasting and complementary colors) will surely entice them to make this desired move.

The goal of every digital marketing campaign is to produce results, either through capturing leads or generating sales. The landing page plays a very vital role towards this end and optimizing your pages into high-performing ones can take you several steps further towards achieving your digital marketing and business goals.

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