The Importance of Targeted Traffic to Your Digital Marketing Campaign


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So, you’ve heeded the advice of Digital Marketing Philippines and invested in having a professionally-built website to market and promote your brand, product or service. The next thing on your list is to cook up a whole bunch of internet marketing strategies just to drive lots and lots of traffic to your blog. Driving massive amounts of traffic – any traffic – is the key to digital marketing success, isn’t it?

That’s not necessarily true.

Even if you have countless numbers of online visitors flocking to your site on a daily basis but none of them ever converts – turns to targeted leads or even sales – then all these websites hits that your site is accumulating are just worthless statistics that wouldn’t do your business any good. Even if you have a million website hits that result in zero conversion, you end up with zero sales – an extremely terrible scenario for any business.

Generating traffic is the primary aim of every website, but business owners should be careful and ensure that their digital marketing campaign generates mostly targeted traffic. Ask any traditional salesperson what would be the most important aspect in their day-to-day work would be and most if not all would point to “generating qualified sales leads”, which is what targeted traffic is all about.

Targeted traffic is “qualified” or “quality” traffic. What this means is that site visitors coming through to your website or landing pages from are most likely actively looking for the products, services and other information that you already have in your site. This should be the goal of your website and your overall digital marketing efforts and the following reasons will tell you why:

Targeted Traffic Provides Better Chances for Conversion

Perhaps the single best and most important reason why your digital marketing campaign needs targeted traffic is conversion – to generate sales. That’s the ultimate goal for any business website and corresponding digital marketing efforts to drive traffic. As mentioned earlier, even if you have tons of website traffic going through your virtual doors on a daily basis but not of them ever converts into sales or leads, then all your digital marketing efforts – and the investments that go with them – are simply flushed down the drain.

Targeted traffic offers bigger chances for conversion as majority of targeted online visitors are seeking information that your website may supply, and have a greater chance of purchasing your products or services should they cater to whatever need they may have. Even if you only have a trickle of website traffic visiting your blog, but if most of these site visitors convert to either leads or sales, then that would be traffic worth receiving. In short:

Higher Targeted Traffic = Higher Conversion Rates = Higher Sales

Targeted Traffic Is Needed for a Profitable ROI of your PPC Campaign Investments

Embarking on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign is one of the most effective strategies in generating targeted traffic to your landing pages or directly to your main website. However, PPC involves a bit of investment and that means cost. If your PPC campaign generates traffic that does not convert into sales, then your campaign is a failure and you would have just wasted valuable time and resources.

With targeted traffic that converts into sales, you can expect a faster return for all your PPC investments, allowing you to launch an even better, more massive and more effective PPC campaign. At this point however, it would be important to take careful note of conversion rates in relation to the amount of targeted traffic you receive and the price of your product or service.

This can be simplified by the following example. Let’s say that you are selling a product worth $50 through your website and are using PPC Ads to promote and market your product online. If you pay approximately $0.50 per click through your PPC ads, then you’ll need a conversion rate of more than 1% from all your site traffic. This means that for every 1000 site visitor, you should have at least 10 people from this batch buying your product just to break even on your PPC campaign.

Targeted Traffic Builds Your Brand Reputation

People online are constantly seeking huge amounts of information for whatever purposes or needs they may have on a daily basis. More often than not online users get directed to a website, either through a natural search engine query or clicking on what they thought was a relevant PPC ad, only to find information or content that really does not provide the answers they need. Many would simply get frustrated from all these and forever shun these websites that they have now marked as useless.

If you are generating the right kind of targeted traffic to your website – the kind that is actively searching for content about certain kinds of products or services – and if your website manages to deliver the content they need, you’ll end up with happy, satisfied visitors who’ll have no qualms of going back to your website on a regular basis. This would truly be a big boost to your brand’s online reputation, which will be catapulted to even greater heights once these satisfied web visitors start telling other people about your brand, product or services.

Targeted Traffic Gives Better Chances for Repeat Sales

Targeted website visitors finding what they need from the content of your website and online channels, will most likely go back to your website for second helpings of the good stuff you can offer. If they have purchased anything during their first visit, there is a greater possibility that they will purchase more of what you can offer during their subsequent visits.

It is a natural tendency for people to trust only individuals, stores and other business entities that they have previously worked with in the past. If they were completely satisfied during your initial business transactions with them, then there is a greater likelihood that they would be most willing to conduct their business again with you. If you continue to provide them with good and high quality content to satisfy their needs, then you will gain a very important army of followers frequently visiting your website – generating even more repeat sales.

Targeted Traffic Helps Increase Your Page Rankings

Targeted traffic is a quality traffic which not only increases your sales, but improves your branding and your online reputation as well. With this high level of credibility among targeted users, you and your site will eventually be branded as an authority and reliable source in your respective niche. This will give your website more opportunities of generating back links from relevant websites.

As discussed before on previous articles related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a good flow of targeted traffic reinforced by incoming links is a surefire ingredient in helping your website rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). These are the kinds of ingredients search engines like Google loves and will reward you with good rankings.

Targeted Traffic Ensures Your Business Survival

If your website is likened to a brick-and-mortar business establishment, site visitors can represent the number of people that passes through the doors of the business on a daily basis. Some of these entering your store or establishment really don’t know what they are looking for and would simply look around, sorting through items you have on sale, trying to look for things that they deemed worthy enough to buy. In many cases, these types of people just come and go without making any purchases.

If you encounter such kinds of people day in and day out, your brick-and-mortar business would simply not survive. What your business need is the right kind of people who visits your shop and purchases whatever product or services you are offering. This same scenario applied to business websites and online stores as well. Without targeted traffic that gets converted into sales, your business have a great tendency to close and cease to exist.

In summary, the most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign is to generate the right kind of traffic to your landing pages or main websites that have the higher than average chance of being converted into targeted leads or even sales. Even if you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of site visitors, but if your conversion rate is not enough to profit or break even from the amount of investments you poured into your digital marketing campaign, then your chances for survival in the online arena is next to nil.

As your take-out, you should focus on applying only digital marketing techniques that will generate the right kind of targeted traffic that your brand, products or services. This should be at the core of your strategy and Digital Marketing Philippines will be here to assist you in this regard every step of your virtual way.

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