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Advetise on Facebook

It is hard to ignore the good reasons why a business should run an online marketing campaign, and one of the most powerful ways to do that is via social media marketing. And when social media is being talked about, you definitely cannot avoid to discuss about Facebook, because it is without a doubt the biggest social networking site on the Internet today. Thousands of business owners and marketers are profiting from maximizing the power of Facebook Advertising on their respective businesses and you should too. If you are a business owner or a marketer who are still doubtful about the impact of Facebook for your business, then you should read the reasons below on why you need to advertise your business on Facebook.

The infographic (click to zoom in):

Why Advertise Your Business On Facebook?

1. Because It Is The Most Popular Social Media Site

It simply makes no sense to implement a social marketing strategy without including the most popular social networking website. Fact is, Facebook is the second most popular website in the world next to Google.  Currently, Facebook has around 1.15 billion users. Can you just imagine having at your fingertips the potential to reach even just a fraction of that number? Can you imagine what that would do to your business? You are probably on Facebook already and have acquired a good number of friends, followers, and fans even without exerting any real effort. Now just think of how many fans or followers you can get for your business with a solid social media marketing plan.

2. Because It Offers Targeted Advertising

The targeting options in Facebook is probably the single most important reason why you need to advertise your business in this powerful medium. With Facebook you can target a specific age group, gender, work, education, interests and more. With these options, you have the most powerful tool that a marketer or a business owner can have. You can create an advertising campaign that is relevant to the eyes of your target market. You can also target those people who have shown interest in what you have to offer. As a business owner or marketer, I’m sure you will agree that those prospects who are already interested in your business are more profitable than those who are not. And focusing on these prospects using Facebook Advertising platform will surely reap great benefits for your business which is our #1 aim in promoting your business.

3. Because It Allows You To Target Local And Foreign Prospects

Whether your business serves worldwide or local market, Facebook advertising is still good for you thanks to its country targeting option. You can either target 1 country or multiple countries at the same time, you can input them easily on the targeting options when creating a new ad campaign. If you are a business owner which targets a specific city or state, you can also input them on the state and city option. By doing this, your most targeted audience (locally) will be the ones who can see your ads and your business. The more exposure your company gets for your targeted audience, the better.

4. Because It Allows You To Have Loyal Fans

With Facebook you have the potential to reach millions of people. It would be great if you can turn those people into customers. It would be greater though if those people would avail of your services over and over again. That’s called having a loyal customer base. And you have more chances of having loyal customers in Facebook than in any other site. This is because with Facebook you can communicate and interact with your customers directly thus allowing you to form a bond with them and develop mutual trust. Studies have shown that people are more likely to support businesses that they trust, and you have the ability to do that using Facebook.

5. Because Advertising On Facebook Is Relatively Cheap

Compared to other methods of online advertising, using Facebook is relatively cheap. In fact, you can start promoting your product or service on Facebook without spending a dime. With Facebook, you can create a page for your business for free and start attracting fans or followers. You can also join groups and collaborate with other pages that have the same market you are targeting. If you think it is time for you to take your Facebook marketing to the higher level then that’s the time you can try paid advertising. It would still be affordable and cost-effective because with Facebook you can set your own advertising budget as well as an advertising scheme that you think would be most suitable for your business.

6. Because Facebook Allows Multi-Purpose Promotions

With Facebook, creating a page where you can easily interact with your fans is not all there is to it. The site also allows you to run special promotions that can get you more leads for your business. You can use your Facebook fan page for simple announcements. If you are launching a new product or service then you can create anticipation and excitement by providing teasers on your Facebook status messages. The beauty of Facebook is that you are not limited to simple text messages. You can post photos and even videos about your product or service. You can even use Facebook to post links to the official website of your business.

7. Because Facebook Have Multi-Purpose Apps For Your Page

If you create a Facebook page for your business, it’s not the only thing that you can to it. You can spice it up by installing useful apps depending on your needs. You can install Static html app for custom html tabs, Full website app if you want to show or create your full website inside your Facebook page. Youtube app for streaming of your videos directly in your Facebook page (good for artists and singers), E-commerce app for showing all the products in your site and importing them directly at your Facebook page allowing your fans to shop directly at your page. Coupons app for showing exclusive coupons to your fans, this also good for e-commerce or service-based business.

8. Because Facebook Presents A Level Playing Field

One of the best things about Facebook, as far as advertising is concerned, is that it presents a level playing field. It does not matter whether you are one of the richest companies listed in Forbes or if you are just a start-up. All of you need to comply with a single set of rules and you got the same opportunity to reach millions of people worldwide. This provides small companies with an opportunity to go against bigger companies. Of course, visibility would still depend on the budget that you are willing to spend on advertising. But still, if we use Facebook on our business. We are using the tool that big businesses are using.

Conclusion: As business owners or marketers, our main goal in marketing is to reach the most targeted prospects and convert them into high-paying customers or clients. And Facebook marketing allows to us to do just that. If you are doing Internet Marketing for your business then adding Facebook marketing would surely spice-up your campaign. But if you are still considering to do Internet marketing, then doing Facebook marketing first would be a good start. Your prospects are waiting on Facebook, act now!

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