How to Find Reliable Real Estate SEO Services (Infographic)


There is no denying that 2020 is a challenging year. So much has been happening across the globe, seriously affecting world economies and markets, including real estate. The economy is currently on recovery mode however, and the prospects look highly promising.

Home sales are on a 1-year high, with median home prices breaching previous records and shooting all the way up to as much as $320,000. This trend is expected to continue as buyer competition remains high while facing a significant shortage of new inventory. Facing these challenges, real estate businesses should look for new and more effective channels to open doors to new markets and clientele base.

These include digital marketing strategies, at the forefront of which is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Up to 93% of Internet users use a search engine when they get online – and SEO helps them find your business when they do.

Whether you’re selling, buying or renting, the following provides an overview of SEO services for the Real Estate industry and how you can identify and hire the services of a reliable agency to help you boost your online presence.


Real Estate SEO Services Infographic


The Benefits of Hiring Real Estate SEO Services

The real estate industry is one of those markets that make predominant use of traditional marketing channels to engage potential clients. The rise of new technologies and the tremendous popularity of digital and social media channels has transformed the way real estate marketers get the attention of targeted consumers.


Real Estate SEO Services Lets You Tap into the Power of Search Engines

The top spots of search engine results are where website rankings would truly matter. This is because as much as 67.6% of all clicks go to the top five spots of organic search results, making it a prime digital real estate that everyone covets. Real Estate SEO services make it possible for your business to tap into this power of search engines.


Real Estate SEO Services Generates Free Traffic

Up to 70% of marketers believe that an effective SEO campaign is more cost-effective than Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, generating better results and ROI. Real Estate SEO services however provide a very cost-effective marketing solution that delivers tangible results.


Real Estate SEO Services Delivers Faster Positive Results

The leads you generated from SEO have a 14.6% close rate, much higher than the 1.7% close rate you’ll get from traditional methods. The streamlined strategies implemented by Real Estate SEO services can deliver faster results and is seven times more likely to help you close a lead — which means more business for your real estate company.

These benefits should tell you why you should avail of real estate SEO services. That is why as much as 61% of marketers consider SEO as a marketing staple and a topmost marketing priority for their businesses. So, whether you’re selling a property or buying a home, digital marketing strategies like SEO are your tickets to getting more word-of-mouth marketing limelight and attention.


The Processes You Should Look for in Real Estate SEO Services

With Google accounting for as much as 75% of search engine use, ranking at Google’s top spots has always been at the core of most SEO efforts, and the same applies to real estate SEO services. You can only get favorable results however, if you can execute a good SEO campaign effectively and at the fastest possible time.

That is why it would be favorable for your business to look for a suitable digital marketing agency that offers Real Estate SEO services to handle the work for you. But don’t jump at the first ones that come along offering their services. Look for Real Estate SEO services that offer a systematized and comprehensive workflow that includes:


Preliminary Consultation

The agency should conduct a preliminary consultation with your team and gather all necessary information to get a clear understanding of your business. Without such understanding, how can they formulate a cost-effective Real Estate SEO strategy that will work?

SEO Audit and Website Health Check

The agency should conduct a comprehensive assessment of your website to determine how your current online presence is performing, identify issues and vulnerabilities and determine its overall health.

Site Audit for Mobile-Friendliness

The agency should conduct a comprehensive mobile-friendliness assessment of your website to gauge your online presence if it is mobile-friendly or not.

SEO Recommendations

The agency should provide an SEO recommendation report outlining their findings and their recommendations on how you can achieve your real estate business goals through SEO.

Content Development and Creation

The agency should help you develop and create high-quality and SEO-effective photos, videos and other high-quality content that you can use in your campaigns. High-quality content is one of the most important SEO elements Google considers highly important for ranking.

Team Assignment and Delegation

The agency should assign a specialized team of digital marketing experts led by experienced and responsible Project Managers to provide you with real estate SEO services and client support.

Timelines and Milestones

The agency through its Project Management Team should be transparent enough to provide you with comprehensive timeline outlining all key milestones and expected updates and deliverables at targeted completion dates.


What Should You Expect from a Suitable Real Estate SEO Services Agency?

The strategies and approaches employed by most digital marketing agencies may have similarities in terms of conventions and specific activities to other agencies. This is a common phenomenon as these involve proven methodologies that are both scientific and well tested.

However, what sets a reliable real estate SEO service provider apart from the rest goes beyond these specific services and deliverables. The agency should be dedicated to deliver favorable results from the SEO strategies and campaigns they will execute to help your Real Estate business achieve your goals. These should include but are not limited to:


  • Website Audit and Health Check

  • Keyword Research

  • On-Page Optimization

  • Link Building

  • High-Quality Content Creation

  • Performance Tracking and Monitoring


These top-quality SEO services are what you should expect from suitable Contractor SEO agency that will jumpstart your digital marketing initiatives, boost your online presence, drive traffic and ranking, convert more potential clients, and generate revenue for your business.


The Take Away

When you decide on hiring reliable Real Estate SEO Services to boost your digital marketing offerings, look for a suitable agency that exhibit the characteristics outlined above. Like word-of-mouth marketing, an effective SEO campaign will deliver favorable results over time. To ensure you achieve this, you need an efficient and capable digital marketing partner that is willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your real estate goals – in a cost-effective and competent way.

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