How to Find Suitable Contractor SEO Services (Infographic)


Despite the slowdown in the economy, the global construction industry is still expected to reach a 3.1% growth by the end of 2020.  As much as 50% of contractors still expect an increase in profits over the course of the next 6 months.

It is expected that general contractors will face new hurdles, particularly in attracting new customers in this current global scenario. Operating in an industry that was predominantly focused on traditional and word-of-mouth marketing, contractors are now looking into digital marketing arenas to open doors to new markets and clientele base.

At the forefront of digital marketing strategies is Search Engine Optimization or SEO, spurred by the fact that up to 93% of Internet users use a search engine when they get online. What contractors need is to work with a suitable agency that offers effective Contractor SEO services. The following provides an overview of SEO services for contractors and how they can identify and hire the services of a reliable agency to help them grow their business.


Contractor SEO Services Infographic


Understanding Contractor SEO Services

Before diving into the process of looking for the right digital marketing agency, you must first have a clear understanding of what Contractor SEO services is all about. Basically, SEO involves strategies and tactics that can help optimize your websites and make them easier for your targeted clients to find.

Most general or specialized contractors are targeting clients from a localized or specific geographical area. As much as 97% of these clients make use of search engines to look for a viable contractor or service provider near them. Contractor SEO services provide the tactics specifically streamlined to help your business get to the top of these searches.


The Benefits of Hiring Contractor SEO Services

The construction industry is predominantly focused on traditional marketing channels when engaging potential clients. So, many firms are still hesitant to jump the digital marketing bandwagon and feel that SEO is not suitable for their line of business.

New technologies make almost everything accessible with a click of a button or a swipe of a finger. That is why as much as 61% of marketers placed SEO at the top of their inbound marketing strategies in a bid to get to the top five of search engine results – and contractor firms should follow suit. The following benefits will show them why:


Tapping into the Power of Search Engines with Contractor SEO Services

In a digitally connected world, search engines rule and the top spots of search results are where ranking truly matters – up to 67.6% of all clicks go to the top five organic search result spots! Contractor SEO services make it possible for your business to tap into this power of search engines.


Get More Cost Benefits with Contractor SEO Services

The continuous increase in wages and salaries of construction workers and the increasing costs of construction materials put most construction firms at a definite financial disadvantage. That is why many contracting firms are reluctant to spend more money on advertising. Contractor SEO services however provide a very cost-effective marketing solution that delivers tangible results.


Faster Positive Results are Achieved with Contractor SEO Services

Attempting to handle digital marketing campaigns on their own will give you minimal or even zero positive results even after working for 6 to 12 months or even more. The streamlined strategies implemented by Contractor SEO services can deliver faster results and achieve a high 14.6% close rate from the leads you generate.


The Processes You Should Look for in Contractor SEO Services

The U.S. construction industry loses $177 billion in labor costs due to non-optimal activities. In most of these firms, many of their construction professionals spend up to 14 hours a week doing non-productive activities.

So why should your people spend their precious time and resources doing digital marketing activities that they have no expertise on, instead of focusing on core business processes? You should look for a suitable agency that offers Contractor SEO services to handle the work for you. But don’t jump at the first ones that come along offering their services.

Contractor SEO services offering a comprehensive workflow is a good indication that the agency you will be working with is a suitable one. The key process steps that should be conducted includes:


  • A Preliminary Consultation that will help the Contractor SEO agency get a clear understanding of your business. Without such understanding, how can they formulate a cost-effective Contractor SEO strategy that will work?
  • The agency should conduct an SEO Audit and Website Health Check to give you an assessment on how your website and online presence is performing
  • Up to 78% of local searches is conducted via mobile devices, so it is important that the agency will conduct and Audit Your Site for Mobile-Friendliness to gauge your online presence if it is mobile-friendly or not.
  • The agency should be able to pair your SEO needs with an arsenal of ready-made solutions and recommended services that can deliver the targeted results as part of their Product and Services Development
  • After the assessments are made, the Contractor SEO agency will give a comprehensive SEO Recommendation Report outlining their findings and their recommendations on how you can achieve your contractor business goals through SEO
  • A specialized Team of Digital Marketing Experts led by experienced and responsible Project Managers should be assigned to provide you with Contractor SEO services and client support.
  • The agency through its Project Management Team should be transparent enough to provide you with comprehensive Timelines and Milestones Chart that outlines all key activities, milestones and their targeted completion dates.


What Should You Expect from a Suitable Contractor SEO Services Agency?

As a contractor, you might be aware that the construction industry is most probably one of the least digitized industries and many firms are still entirely paper-based. There are a lot of valuable data and content that can be used for marketing but up to 95% of such data goes unused.

A suitable contractor SEO services agency should help your business make use of such information as part of a comprehensive array of deliverables. This involves the planning and execution of various digital marketing activities related to boosting SEO performance which should include but are not limited to:


  • Website Audit and Health Check
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • High-Quality Content Creation
  • Performance Tracking and Monitoring


These top-quality SEO services are what you should expect from a suitable Contractor SEO agency that will jumpstart your digital marketing initiatives, boost your online presence, drive traffic and ranking, convert more potential clients, and generate revenue for your business.


The Take Away

Just like word-of-mouth marketing, an effective Contractor SEO campaign is like an extra jackhammer that you can wield effectively at your disposal, allowing you to continuously generate results – without the drain on your resources and competencies.

When you decide on hiring Contractor SEO Services to boost your digital marketing offerings, look for a suitable agency that exhibits the characteristics outlined earlier. Such an agency should also be dedicated to help you generate favorable results from your SEO strategies and efforts, and are willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

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