The State of Digital Marketing in the Philippines (Infographic)


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More than one billion online users.

That’s how many people access the Internet in the Asia-Pacific. That’s more than 46% of the total online users in the world. This new milestone headlined across the globe, telling the whole world of the enormous marketing potential businesses can explore in the region.

The Philippines stand among the frontline digital economies in the region. With over 33 million users, the country is the second highest ranking in Southeast Asia and the 6th in the whole of Asia in terms of Internet users according to the Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) and the Internet World statistics.

Clearly, the Philippines has a very substantial digital marketing ecosystem that is set to grow exponentially to twice its size now by the year 2016 according to Julian Persaud, Google’s Managing Director in Southeast Asia. This is a very important fact to consider, particularly for business owners trying to explore the effectiveness of investing in digital marketing in the Philippines.   

The infographic (click to zoom):

The State of Digital Marketing in the Philippines

Philippine Digital Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

According to Google, the Philippines has a very tech savvy population, a fact that business owners should explore and take advantage of should they want their businesses to grow significantly in the coming years. A successful digital marketing campaign is what you will need to reach out to this very promising market that can open new doors for growth for your business.

If you are still not convinced about the very strong potential of using digital marketing for your business, the following statistics from the Asia Digital Marketing Yearbook 2012 will help you understand the opportunities you may be missing out.   

  • More than 34% of online Filipino users visit the Internet every day, while more than 45% go online at least once a week. When they do use the Internet, the average Filipino user spends up to 21.5 hours each week online.
  • The number of Filipinos subscribing to broadband facilities is expected to increase at an 11.3% growth rate until 2016 where it was also forecasted that more than 59% of Filipinos will be online users by that time.
  • More than 65% of Filipinos in the 15 to 19 years old category use the Internet, accounting for the highest penetration rate in the country. At least 74% of these users access the Internet on various devices at Internet cafes. This is followed by the 20 to 29 years old age group at 48% penetration.
  • Email is the top activity of at least 90% of Filipinos who go online on a weekly basis, while 83% send private messages to friends or acquaintances through social media. 81% post messages or update their social media status on a regular basis, while the rest read the news (79%) or use instant messaging services to chat with their online friends (78%).
  • There is still a tremendous amount of opportunities for growth for other age demographics. 24% of the 30+ age group go online while a lower number of 13% from the 40+ age group access the Internet. Interestingly, about 4% of consumers from the 50+ and above age group also go online, spending time on various activities they have interests on.

These statistics present how big the market potential in the Philippines is for digital marketers, with experts predicting continuous and exponential growth in the coming years. The following provides a deeper insight into these figures, showing trends on various digital marketing channels business owners can focus on to get the results they require.

Opportunities for Digital Marketers in the Philippines

The state of digital and internet marketing in the Philippines presents tremendous and far-reaching implications for exponential growth for businesses plying the online route. Business owners can look at each of these opportunities and gain insight on which of these channels can produce the most favorable results.

  • Opportunities for Online Advertising

In the Asia Digital Marketing Yearbook 2012, it was highlighted that 35% of Filipino Internet users don’t mind getting online ads, as long as these are relevant to their needs. A survey from Nielsen even mentioned that 83% of these Filipino users say their lives were made easier because of relevant advertising.

This is why 43% of online users wouldn’t mind getting their usage patterns tracked as long as they receive relevant ads in return. This presents an opportunity for digital marketers to get highly targeted results from online advertising, getting great value from all their marketing investments.

  • Opportunities for e-Commerce

e-Commerce is slowly picking up steam in the Philippines as more and more Filipinos are getting used to the idea of shopping or buying things online. For Filipinos who do engage in online purchases, 53% still go for the cash route, 36% use their credit cards while 10% go for bank transfers to make purchases.

This presents a big opportunity for entrepreneurs planning on offering their products and services online through their own e-Stores or other online marketplaces. The rise of social media and other interactive channels make it easier for businesses to create brand awareness, considering the fact that over 85% of online Filipinos do watch videos of the brands, products, or services they are contemplating to purchase online. 

  • Opportunities for Social Media Marketing

Social media ranks among the top online activities for many online Filipinos, with at least 39% checking social media networks first before doing any other online activities. The success of digital marketing in the Philippines also rides in the phenomenal success of social media in the country, with at least 64% of online Filipinos relying on information from social media channels influencing their purchase decisions.

The use of social media marketing presents a tremendous opportunity for digital marketing in the Philippines as a whole, focusing on developing brand awareness by connecting or interacting with potential customers. Developing this connection and rapport with online users is crucial to influencing the buying patterns of online Filipinos as 89% do read what other people post or comment about a particular brand, product or service.  

  • Opportunities for Search Engine Marketing

At an 84.7% reach, search still play a pivotal role in the success of any digital marketing campaign, enabling business owners to reach sales and marketing goals if used effectively in conjunction with social media and other digital marketing channels. Search engine marketing is still a surefire way of attracting targeted visitors to your website, which can be enhanced further by adding windows of engagement with Internet users.

By the year 2016, the current number of online users in the Philippines would have doubled, opening new markets across various demographics interested in what your brand, products or services has to offer. Sales and marketing within the confines of their brick and mortar establishments simply could not cut it for dynamic business owners who have discovered the digital route.  Business owners still clinging to the traditional way of doing things will lose the opportunity the current state of Digital Marketing in the Philippines is presenting to everyone – so take action and go digital now!

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