Top 8 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business (Infographic)


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Today, no business venture can think of surviving online without a comprehensive social media strategy. All businesses that are trying to get more clients and generate more revenues using different methods of digital marketing specifically social media marketing would just go in vein if it is not done properly. The following are the top 8 social media marketing strategies that are absolutely necessary for business owners who wants to maximize the power of social media:

The infographic (click to zoom):

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business

1. Review The History And Explore What Works TODAY!

First of all, you have to accept the truth that the world of technology and internet changes every single day! What works like a charm today may not work tomorrow. And it’s completely a necessity to find out what’d work in your case. Go through the history of the recent few years and find out the trends in social media marketing. This will help you prepare the rest of your plan in a perfect way. Find out the right method and approach towards social media marketing and create your base platform using that vital information. According to Creativo in 2012, 40 percent of the people around the world started connecting more on social platforms than face to face and that keeps on increasing that that’s how you have to explore the trends and prepare a strategy for your business based on that fact.

2. Build A Team or Hire A Company Before You Start Working With Social Media

Once you have reviewed the history and have a comprehensive understanding of the social media trends, it’s time to focus and start working. You definitely need to build a team or hire a 3rd party company to work with the social media platforms. The social media platforms are busy and extremely competitive and hence you need a dedicated team to handle the operation. Make sure, you have some dedicated staffs or 3rd party team who’re really good at doing it and know how the concept of social media marketing works really well!

3. Set Your Goals And Find Out The Right Way To Achieve That

It’s very important to know about your own goals and expectations from a campaign. Especially when you’re about to work on a social media strategy, you must have your own goals and priorities. This can only help you stick to the plan and follow the plan precisely. Depending on the resources and the strategy, you have to set your own goal and find out the right way to achieve that goal. Once you know where to go and the route to the end point, you just need time to reach out to that point!

4. Listen, Compare and Plan Content for Your Audience

47 % of the Americans say that, the leading social media website has helped them decide to make a purchase. This clearly means you can influence the social media users decide about your product or service! You have to listen to the crowd, what they’ve been looking for and compare between different platforms to plan your contents for the right audience. The demographics and user-behavior also plays an important role in that and to be successful with a social media strategy, you have to listen-compare-plan simultaneously!

5. Develop A Specific Channel Plan To Maximize The Outcomes

23 % of the Facebook users login 5 times a day on an average. This clearly means that you have the chance to get exposure to your business 5 times every day! The number of registered users on Facebook is simply unbelievable – 1.8 billion whereas the second highest users are registered on Google plus. What works on Facebook will not necessarily work on Google+ and Pinterest. That’s why you need a channel-specific strategy to make the most out of your social media marketing campaign. If you really want to maximize the outcomes, you have to set your priorities and approaches for every single social channel in a very specific way!

6. Plan For Mobile And Other Smartphones Carefully!

Fully 40% of mobile users are connected to one or more social platforms. So, a huge number of social media users are actually logging in from a mobile or handheld devices. Hence, these devices and operating systems need special attention in your over-all social media marketing strategies. You definitely need to optimize the content for these platforms as well. You should have a plan that covers mobiles, smartphones and other handheld devices and keep you miles ahead of your competitors.

7. Monitor And Analyze Regularly And Precisely

93% of the marketing professionals use social media for driving traffic and develop their business online. And 70% have been using Facebook successfully to get new clients on board. 34% of them have used twitter to generate leads. These statistics clearly show that the prospects of any business on social media platforms are very bright and you can expect very good outcomes if you know how to use these resources well. That’s why you have to monitor and analyze the activities going on; you have to understand how these campaigns are performing. You have to understand – if a campaign is performing better, you should put more effort into it! Again at the same time, you should not put all the eggs in the same basket; you should try working with different platforms and see how the campaigns are doing on them at the same time!

8. Optimize Your Campaign, Rinse And Repeat The Successful Strategy

Finally, it’s time to make and maximize the profit. You definitely need to optimize the campaigns for the audience and the platforms carefully. An optimized campaign can help you get the best out of your social media marketing campaign. You have to find out how you can optimize the contents and the campaign really well. The best way to make the most of your strategies is to – optimize the campaigns, rinse and repeat them over and over and make more money from your business using digital marketing strategies. Take time, do research and prepare yourself to get the best outcomes!

Digital marketing always comes up with lots of unique challenges in its course. And the marketing professionals love to take up these challenges on their own! As a business entrepreneur, you should also have the same positive approach towards branding your business and for this – a comprehensive social media marketing strategy is a must!

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