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 PPC for Business

One of the best ways of generating targeted traffic to your business online is by using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. If done properly, your ads can generate clicks from online users who are already looking for the kind of products or services your business is already marketing. These types of web visitors have the greatest possibility for conversion as business leads or direct sales – if your landing pages or main websites provide what they are looking for.

However, PPC can be risky if managed poorly and critical process steps performed in the wrong way. You might end up spending a fortune to pay for a huge bundle of website traffic that does not convert. That is why it is crucial that your PPC campaign generate only the right kind of targeted traffic that will generate revenue for your business. Digital Marketing Philippines tries to shed light on how this is done through this next info offering.

The Background

It really is quite simple to understand what Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is, and previous articles from Digital Marketing Philippines already expounded on some of the major principles on how you can conduct a profitable PPC campaign. In general, what is involved with PPC is getting your ads positioned in search results by bidding and buying ad space offered by major search engines like Bing or Google.

When an online user types in a query for a particular set of keywords, your paid ad specifically targeting that keyword phrase can have the possibility of appearing in sponsored results in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These pages also include all the other web page links naturally ranking for these keywords. Your chances of ranking on top of these sponsored search results depend on the amount you bid for each keyword and your Quality Score.

The Bad

This is where the PPC arena can get bloody and more competitive, as businesses like yours scramble to get on top of the same sponsored results you are targeting. The Cost per Click (CPC) for the ads you are promoting can get really inflated, with you ending up paying thousands of dollars in an attempt to outbid your competitors.

This can go really bad if all your ads are generating from all these efforts are junk traffic that really do not convert into leads or sales. The more traffic your ads generate, the more you have to pay in total as CPC remains constant whether you generate little or more traffic. The hits your landing pages or main website would be getting would look good from a statistical point of view, but if these hits do not convert into leads or sales – your investments simply gets wasted.

The Good

If your PPC campaign is done correctly and your ads generate targeted traffic that eventually converts into business leads or paying customers, then you have the opportunity of generating even more business by continuously promoting PPC ads. It is a highly focused digital marketing tool that can generate the right kind of targeted traffic that can really bring desired results for your business. The following can show you the myriad ways just when and where you should use PPC to generate targeted traffic to your landing pages or main web pages.

Using PPC to Generate Targeted Traffic

PPC is basically paid advertising that involves cost. However, if utilized properly in manners described below, your PPC ads can generate a good deal of targeted traffic that will help you reach your digital marketing campaign goals.

1. Use PPC to Generate Immediate Results

Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that requires considerable time to generate favorable ranking, PPC can deliver immediate results the moment your ads get activated and posted to millions of internet users from across the globe. With a good bid and high Quality Score, your ads can get to the top of sponsored listings almost instantaneously, delivering immediate targeted traffic to special promotions, product launches, events, JV (Joint Venture) launches, limited time offers, and other projects that require immediate targeted results.

2. Use PPC to Promote Time-Sensitive Projects

Businesses launching a new product or service and are offering limited time offers and promotions as part of their digital marketing campaign, PPC can generate the right kind of targeted traffic eager to get information about such offers. PPC can really generate great buzz for your campaigns and if done properly, can bring in results in as little as 24 hours upon launching.  

3. Use PPC to Promote Direct-Response Products or Services

Online stores and other websites that would like site visitors that can immediately purchase products directly from your online shelves can get great results from PPC ads. Promoting these types of products or services through PPC can bring in highly targeted traffic that are already actively looking for such products or services – thus have the most likelihood of spending money if they find what they are looking for within your website.

4. Use PPC to Promote Niche Keywords

Highly targeted traffic required for specific keywords that involve brands and other very specific phrases can get desired results when PPC ads are used. People looking for specific brands and keywords can respond to highly targeted PPC ads and in most likelihood will convert once brought to your landing page or website. The great thing here is highly specific keyword phrases would cost less in bids than very generic keywords where tons of online marketers might also be bidding for.

5. Use PPC to Target Specific Demographics

Brands, products or services targeting a specific demographics group can generate highly targeted traffic when they use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising properly. You can plan and strategize your PPC campaign to target specific gender groups, age range, education levels, marital status, and income brackets. You can even use PPC on social media sites to target people based on their interest, hobbies, advocacies or something else a large group of online users have in common. You can narrow down your campaign to such specific groupings or demographics, thus lowering your overall PPC costs while generating highly targeted website traffic.

6. Use PPC to Bring Targeted Traffic to Non-SEO Web Pages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets results for websites that have optimized content that are updated on a regular basis. Such practices can bring good rankings for your website and if done consistently can even send your website links to the top of search engine results. However, not all web pages are designed in such manners. Websites with landing pages specialized for lead generation do not have the kind of content that can be optimized for natural search results. PPC campaigns would be the only way to bring targeted traffic to these types of pages.

7. Use PPC to Dominate Your Keyword Category

Brands, products or services can utilize PPC campaigns in conjunction with other digital marketing tools like SEO to really dominate search engine results for certain keyword groups or categories they are targeting. As mentioned earlier, both sponsored listings and natural search results appear in the same Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). If your web page links rank high in both listings, you can really dominate search results way ahead of your competitors. It has been discussed before that online users click on links that appear on top of search results as well as links displayed prominently in sponsored listings. With your web page links ranking in both ends of the arena, you can be assured of getting highly targeted traffic that will deliver great results for your business.

In any digital marketing campaign, focus can be the main ingredient in bringing out the results you desire towards achieving the goals you have set for your business. Pay-Per-Click advertising is a very powerful digital marketing tool that can tip the balance in your favor as your brand, product or service compete in the digital marketing arena. The listing offered above by Digital Marketing Philippines just describes some of the ways on how you can use PPC to generate targeted traffic for your business.

At this point, it is very important to reiterate that PPC advertising can also swing both ways and depends largely on how well you understand how you can generate targeted traffic using this internet marketing tool. Without proper planning and management, you might find yourself spending more money than what you can generate as revenue from your digital marketing campaigns. If you focus on what you want to achieve in your PPC campaign and manage how your ads are targeted and deployed, you can generate highly targeted traffic that have greater than average chances of being converted.

As a final note, Digital Marketing Philippines would like to reiterate that all your digital marketing campaigns, whether you use natural or non-paid advertising techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or paid advertising as in the case of PPC, the ultimate goal in mind is not just to generate clicks and hits but to convert generated traffic into leads or sales. Even if you have tons of traffic flocking to your site but have zero conversion, then you’ll get zero sales. That is why generating targeted traffic from your PPC campaign is crucial for business success – and Digital Marketing Philippines paves the right path for you to go ahead and achieve your digital marketing goals.

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