10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Lead Generation Campaign (Infographic)


Creative Ways for Lead Generation

Entrepreneurs rely on innovative ways to market and promote their brands, products and services. Among the most important tools in their arsenal include the various digital marketing methods and techniques for generating traffic to their websites and other online pages. However, even if your website receive tons of traffic on a daily basis but none can help your bottom-line by bringing in more business and revenues, then all your efforts for traffic generation will just be wasted.

Your goal in digital marketing is to generate not only a considerable amount of website traffic, but the kind of targeted traffic that converts into leads. As an entrepreneur, generating high quality leads that have higher than normal chances of becoming regular paying customers could prove the ultimate success. Let Digital Marketing Philippines give your lead generation efforts a boost by sharing with you these creative but very effective ways of attracting high quality targeted traffic that converts.

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10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Lead Generation Campaign

1. Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

It may sound like stating the obvious but optimizing your website for lead generation should be your first step. This is one aspect many business owners and digital marketers fail to establish, focusing too much on filling their websites with fancy content and ending up with an online brochure that does not produce results.

A website that is optimized for lead generation can tell their targeted audiences within the first few seconds of their access what their site is all about and what it can do to help them solve a problem or provide for what they need. Research from the Nielsen Norman Group highlighted that people will leave a site within 10 to 20 seconds unless they find something of value. Success in this area means more targeted audiences signing up contact forms to get more information of what your business can offer them.

2. Make Social Buttons Visible on Your Online Real Estate

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is definitely one of the most effective Internet marketing channels for generating leads and sales, and this is one of the tools Digital Marketing Philippines is sharing in these pages. A report from Social Media Today highlighted that 70% of digital marketers were actually able to get new customers from Facebook – and that’s just one social media site.

Take advantage of SMM by filling up strategic locations in your website with various social buttons that would allow your readers to share, like, and engage with your brand or business. These social buttons on your online real estate will turn your regular readers into social media ambassadors, turning your content into viral lead generating machines.

3. Raise the Bar with Your FREE Giveaways

One of the things that can generate leads from website traffic are the free stuff you may be giving away in exchange for their contact information. However, everyone else may be thinking the same thing and offer the same type of freebies as a lead generation lure. There may even be a chance that you’re giving away exactly the same materials as your competitors, particularly if you’re using Private Label Right (PLR) materials as your free giveaways (which everyone else can easily get from various sources).

Don’t add to the loads of junk people already downloaded from the Internet (and from signing up on websites like yours). Raise the bar with your free giveaways and offer something new, original, relevant, useful and if possible, exclusively available only from your site. Software and apps can really be great examples or maybe access to a resource library in your site where they can return to on a regular basis and get something they can use.

4. Add an Element of Scarcity into Your Offers

People has a natural tendency to take for granted things that are abundant or readily available. As mentioned earlier, freebies that are available from everyone else may not appeal to them anymore. They’re more attracted to what is scarce, to what others don’t have or cannot have. You can use this to your advantage by promoting limited time exclusive offers or OTPs (One Time Offers) with your lead generation campaign – and just watch targeted audiences grab the opportunity and sign up.

These one-time “freemium” offers can be offered on a regular basis once a month. The promo period is limited to only a few days, giving targeted audiences a small window of opportunity to grab your offers. Make your offer expire after a certain period, with your “freemium” item becoming a regular for-sale product – and make this very clear to your targeted audiences. Many online users will definitely not resist the challenge and will sign up on your lead generation form – before the offer runs out.

5. Offer Industry Research Reports

Build a name and a good online reputation for your brand by establishing yourself as a primary resource for reliable and reputable research reports of items, updates, and key issues in your industry or niche. A report from Computerworld indicated that IT executives still rely heavily on industry reports from market research firms for planning and purchasing decisions.

Targeted audiences will be naturally attracted to those they believe are authoritative in the industry. So, boost your branding and credibility by offering industry research reports in exchange for signing up with your newsletter and receive updates on a regular basis.

6. Offer Limited Edition eBooks and White Papers

Offering eBooks and White Papers is nothing new and has been a “standard” lead generation strategy for many years. As mentioned earlier, there are so many free stuff available in the Internet and many people will not be interested or would try to avoid adding more junk for their already built up stockpile. You can be creative in this regard however, by adding in a different twist with your eBook and White Paper offers.

If you have existing premium eBook and White Paper offers (preferably items that already have some level of readership or following), you can generate a considerable amount of additional leads by offering these premium items for free for a limited time period. According to Richard Lorenzen from Fifth Avenue Brands, a full-sized eBook is perceived to be of high value by many people.  You can also publish Limited Edition version of these premium items for a limited number of downloads only – and make sure you highlight how many download opportunities targeted audiences have left.

7. Offer Webinars on Topics Related to Your Niche

One of the more effective ways to develop your niche authority, credibility, online reputation, branding (and of course lead generation on the side) is to conduct webinars. Software Advice in partnership with CMO.com and Eloqua found out in a study that webinars are one of the top four methods for generating high-quality leads for B2B marketers, following live demos, price quoting, and free trials.

You can offer webinars for free, if your main purpose is lead generation, and many interested people will definitely jump at the opportunity. You can share your expertise on a certain topic, or invite another speaker to share something related to your industry and niche that your targeted audiences will find very useful or interesting.

8. Conduct Innovative Contests and Giveaways that Can Promote Your Brand

Marketers have been doing contests and giveaways for a long, long time, and they are still as effective from a digital marketing perspective as they did from a traditional media marketing standpoint. People love to join these contests: because of enticing price offers or just for the competitive part of it. By integrating this with your lead generation system like a survey or a sign-up form, the contest will have a higher perceived value among targeted audiences, enticing them to sign up and join. Offer premium items as prices and make sure your audiences know how special your prices are.

9. Leverage on the Power of Video

A lead generation campaign tied up with a viral video before targeted audiences are taken to a sign up page, can generate highly targeted and valuable leads for your digital marketing campaign. A viral video does not only teach or provide information, it does so in a fun, entertaining or even thought-provoking way. Combining useful information with entertainment is definitely a winner – and your targeted audiences will definitely sign up for more once your viral video got their attention.

Another way of using video is to publish interviews and testimonials with satisfied customers. A report from Bravo revealed that video testimonials generates positive responses from consumers, making them stay longer on a website. Just make the video factual, no flashy advertising or keep brand suggestions to a subliminal level. Focus on how your brand, product or service changed their lives for the better – and how it can provide the same for targeted audiences.

10. Beef Up Your Content Marketing and Blogging Channels

Changes with search engine algorithms placed a shift in focus towards content and social signals. These two elements will definitely affect the way traffic is flowing so it would be to your advantage to beef up your content marketing campaigns as well as content-focused social media channels like blogging, Pinterest, Google+ and the like. Create high quality content and market them to the right audience – and the leads will come.

Lead generation is a vital part of any business, whether traditional brick-and-mortar shops or upcoming online enterprises. Your business will not survive without leads, so it is vital that you keep a constant flow of highly targeted leads using these fun, innovative, creative and effective ways – brought to you by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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