Content Marketing Trends in 2022 (Infographic)


Every year, content marketing trends adapt to changes in consumer behavior, technological developments, and other factors. Many of these shifts are minor, while others completely create new approaches to attaining good results and reaching target audiences. Marketers need to adjust to these changes to continue delivering relevant and high-quality content that helps build trust and relationships with consumers. 

Here are some content marketing trends you should watch out for in 2022.

Content Marketing Trends

Interactive Content

Using interactive content over static material improves the audience experience by capturing their attention and keeping them on the page for longer. With it, the content experience shifts from passive consumption to active participation.

Interactive content increases the visitor’s engagement period and level of involvement with the brand. Demand Metric’s benchmark study revealed that 68% of surveyed companies experienced modest to significant revenue increases from using interactive content. The report also found that this form of content is 90% effective in educating buyers and 84% helpful in differentiating brands.

Any sort of material that encourages user engagement to convey its message is considered interactive content. Polls and interactive quizzes are already popular on various social media platforms. Other forms of interactive content include assessments, configurators, calculators, wizards, and games. These tools are not only entertaining for users, but they also give valuable information about the consumers.

Optimizing Content for Voice Search

Voice-enabled technologies like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are gaining popularity, particularly among younger generations. Consumers find it more convenient to find what they need by asking questions verbally rather than typing in queries. 

Recently, voice search technology was improved to not just hear but also to decipher the user’s intents. It blends intelligent interpretation with automatic recognition to deliver appropriate and relevant results to a specific question. And as it becomes more complex, more people begin to use it.

However, this puts a challenge to making content more optimized for voice searches. That is because many voice searches voice searches aren’t the same as the regular text keyword searches. 

Marketers will need to take a different approach to content and SEO planning with this trend on the rise, and even more so in the future. Some ways to improve visibility via voice search are through snippets, better content structure, experimenting with voice assistants, and optimizing content for questions.

Optimizing Visual Content with Infographics

The trend of providing more visual material in 2021 will last far into 2022. While blog articles continue to be the most effective way to attract customers, text alone is no longer enough. The human brain analyzes images quickly, so well-designed visual content can improve interaction and help customers go faster through the buyer’s journey. 

Infographic is one way to creatively present information, especially visually oriented ones. It creates an engaging customer experience by creating aesthetically appealing and informative content. Working with infographics has a number of advantages, including the ease with which they can be shared on social media and blogs.

Because infographics can help create visibility for the business, it also affects the SEO value of the content materials. This type of content can assist in pushing website pages to the top of Google’s search results. This is a fantastic approach to gain more exposure and attract visitors that are interested in what the company has to offer.

Emphatic Marketing

Recent developments in the world have compelled marketers to take a fresh strategy by making consumers the focus of their marketing efforts and working outward from there. Marketers must first imagine the world through the eyes of their customers, then use what they learn to develop a content strategy that suits their demands. It also involves speaking to the target market as people, not just potential customers.

By 2022, value-driven content will be the norm. Customers now want marketers to talk truthfully and with empathy instead of before the pandemic.

For example, LinkedIn’s Native Advertising E-book helps marketers grow their audience and develop effective content through tips, statistics, and deep dives into native ads. Ikea also has a Make Home Count video that captures the everyday moments at home and shows solidarity with homebound people worldwide. These types of emphatic content make the brands stand out while telling interesting stories that resonate with the consumers. 

Emphatic content creates a shared journey between your brand, and its audience is the essence of true brand empathy. It entails a deeper emotional connection with and knowledge of that audience and rational and transactional ones.

Developing Relevant Content in the Changing Digital Markets

Organizations can generate an endless supply of content about their industries. However, producing content today is more than just spitting facts. Rather, it entails understanding the digital landscapes, customer needs, and content marketing trends. 

Content marketing trends guide companies on how to be more effective in getting results. Becoming an early adopter of these trends, along with the right SEO company support, gives organizations a competitive edge, a better position for future growth, and opportunities to overcome challenges. 


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