Content Marketing Trends in 2023


It’s another year, and with it comes a new set of content marketing trends that companies should look out for. Two years after the pandemic, the content game has become larger and more impactful for businesses.

From short-form videos to SEO, here are the latest trends in content marketing for 2023:

Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos continue to dominate digital content with its top three platforms: Tiktok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts. Even after the pandemic, short-form content is still a heavily engaged content-form by consumers. In fact, about 73% of consumers prefer short-form videos when learning about a product or service.

This year, short-form content is anticipated to grow further as more marketers invest in it. Short-form videos are a great way to get content in front of a large audience. While it is still fast developing, brands should consider how they can integrate short-form videos in their social media marketing content creation.

In creating effective short-form content, brands can implement the following strategies:

  • Keep it short to the utmost of 60 seconds
  • Film vertical videos
  • Research trending sounds, challenges, and hashtags
  • Use captioning strategically
  • Post consistently
  • Produce content that aligns with the brand’s goals

Interactive Content

In a rapidly growing market, interactive content is a great way for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors. It receives significantly higher engagements than static content.

According to an Ion Interactive report, 81% of marketers claim interactive content to be more effective in grabbing people’s attention than static ones. Aside from this, brands can gain numerous benefits from creating interactive content especially if you got help from experts like Design Rush.

Brands can make new or existing content interactive by:

  • asking questions
  • providing a channel for users to interact with the brand
  • personalizing content according to past brand interactions
  • creating quizzes, assessments, and calculators

User-Generated Content and Influencer Marketing

User-Generate Content (UGC) improves brand trust while increasing visibility. UGC refers to content created by users. This can be customers, brand loyalists, employees, or influencers.

Users tend to trust the opinion of other users for brand recommendations. Even low-following users can have an impact on a company’s reputation. 

Generating UGC has become an excellent content strategy for brands to launch their products or services. An example is hiring influencers to post about the company’s latest products. It is a cost-effective marketing tactic because consumers are almost thrice as likely to view UGC as more authentic than brand posts.

Companies can inspire user-generated content by:

  • buying sponsored posts
  • sending PR packages to influencers
  • incentivizing UGC
  • creating campaigns that compel users to post about the business

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Valuable, Relevant, and Human Content

Creating valuable content has been consistently one of the leading content marketing trends in recent years. Good content is rooted in delivering value to viewers. In 2023, the goal of content creation continues to be providing fruitful, knowledgeable content while highlighting relevance to target readers and human-first writing.

Digital content continues to become oversaturated. To combat this, marketers should create content that is timely and relevant. Data-driven market research is a solution to this. 

Brands can create valuable content more effectively by observing consumers’ search behavior. Then, personalizing content to target specific user profiles.

Besides relevance, value also calls for human content. Before, blog post writers used specific strategies to appease the algorithm. Now, search updates require content that is written for users. This means blog posts should be structured optimally for user experience rather than to satisfy the algorithm.

Marketers can increase the value of their content by:

  • specifying content scope
  • researching target audience
  • personalizing content
  • ensuring reading quality

Content-Driven Revenue

It is not enough that brands create content for the sake of promoting their products and services. They should also monetize content to ensure they profit even if views do not convert.

Content monetization is most known on YouTube, but other platforms like Tiktok are also allowing creators to profit from their posts. It’s essential for businesses to assess where else they could accumulate revenue. Content platforms have given brands the ability to promote their business while earning from engagements.

Brands can monetize content through the following revenue channels:

  • advertising
  • sponsorships
  • merchandising
  • licensing
  • donations
  • crowdfunding

AI Content Automation

The rise of AI tools has allowed marketers to automate content creation tasks. For example, AI writing tools like ChatGPT and Jasper can generate text blocks for blogs, infographics, and social media posts.

However, there are risks in using AI writing tools. As progressive as they are, AI tools are yet to surpass human-made content. Content marketers must still proofread and fact-check AI-generated content to avoid risks.

Nevertheless, AI has alleviated some of the work involved in content creation. It allows marketers to focus on the crucial aspects of the job, such as market research and campaign creation.

These are the ways content marketers can use AI:

  • create text blocks for articles, infographics, and social media posts
  • schedule and automate publishing
  • make content dynamic
  • reduce the time for research
  • personalize content according to consumer data

Basic SEO

Developments in search have called for strengthening fundamental SEO strategies. Although keyword insertion is still essential, value to readers has become a stronger ranking factor. 

Content creators need to write relevant, human, and accurate articles to meet SEO standards. These qualities are crucial in competing in search platforms due to content oversaturation, demonstrating the need to outsource SEO projects from reliable providers.

Aside from this, speed and stability are also given greater importance in SEO. Content must be presented on fast and stable web pages. Otherwise, it might hurt page ranking. 

The best strategies for making content SEO friendly in 2023 are:

  • conduct thorough keyword research
  • use keywords appropriately in different parts of the blog
  • use captivating titles and clear subheadings
  • avoid plagiarized or duplicate content
  • include images and other media
  • ensure correct grammar usage and accurate information

Recap: Content Marketing Trends 2023

  • This year’s content marketing trends present the continuous rise of short-form video and AI-generated content. 
  • To take advantage of these growing content forms, digital marketers must produce valuable, relevant, human, and SEO-ready content. 
  • Interactive and user-generated contents are timely strategies to boost online engagements and improve brand trust and visibility.
  • With effective content marketing, brands can significantly impact their bottom line while generating revenue from content creation.

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