Digital Marketing Trends 2023: How to Come Out on Top? (Infographic)


Digital marketing is constantly changing and shaping how enterprises strategize their promotions. Digital marketing trends influence how companies manage social media content, automate tasks, perform or outsource SEO, and conduct market research.

Fortunately, brands are becoming more versatile towards shifting factors and growing opportunities in the digital market. They have developed various cost-effective methods to connect with consumers online. This includes outsourcing web marketing by availing of SEO services in the Philippines and mobilizing content as a prominent lead generator. 

Certain innovations are also expected in 2023, calling for stronger and more flexible digital marketing strategies. To get ahead of the competition, brands must be mindful of new and persistent trends that can magnify their online marketing impact.

Digital Marketing Trends 2023: How to Come Out on Top? Infographic

Marketing Automation

Tasks have become much simpler and more effective with the growth of artificial intelligence (AI). Smart automation tools are now widely available to streamline several marketing tasks, such as online customer service, personalized email blasts, and copywriting.

Online customer service is important to attract sales and retain clients. Still, not all companies have the resources to outsource customer support or create an in-house department. Alternatively, brands with limited resources can use chatbots to improve their customer service.

Email marketing may seem dated, but it is one of the most cost-effective strategies today, with an ROI of $42 per dollar spent. Crafting emails can be tedious, but with AI writing tools, emails can be produced faster. Some even personalize messages, which is a necessity in strengthening email marketing campaigns.

AI-assisted copywriting provided significant aid to marketers in producing content for various online platforms. It has supplied content blocks and helped streamline marketing procedures. Although there are limits to AI-generated content as it is unable to project tone, personality, and voice, it is still a big help for marketers in automating monotonous work.

Content Marketing

Content continues to be an elite driving force in marketing. It was first perceived as only for generating engagement and increasing brand awareness. Now, content has become substantial in various business aspects.

Interactive Content for Data Collection

With current issues circulating Elon Musk’s Twitter, users have become more concerned with data privacy. Because of this, companies are starting to forego data collection mediators and instead opt for first-party operations through interactive content.

Under this strategy, marketers encourage users to participate in the brand’s market research by holding surveys, quizzes, and polls. Interactive content has been proven to convert higher than static content.

Content-Driven Revenue

Aside from its ability to generate user engagement, content has become a reliable source of revenue for businesses. Multiple platforms have allowed users to generate profit out of online engagements. Companies can consider content creation as a separate revenue stream to maximize their profitability.  

Relevant Content for SEO

AI writing tools have significantly contributed to content saturation in search engine platforms. Because of this, Google has launched the “helpful content update,” emphasizing the importance of relevance in search ranking. This means the algorithm heavily favors content that users find helpful in their queries over keyword-blasted blog posts.

Sticking to Short-Form, Vertical Videos

It is no surprise that this is a direct influence of social media giant TikTok. But with the format becoming popular in other social sites like YouTube shorts and Instagram reels, short-form, vertical content had become marketers’ best bet in boosting social engagements. It is also cost-effective as videos uploaded on TikTok can also be posted on other similar platforms.

Adopting Audio-First Content

Besides short-form and vertical materials, brands have recognized the importance of audio in content marketing. According to TikTok, audio influences brand linkage and recall by nearly eight times more than other content elements. Brands should take advantage of the impact of audio in empowering their advertising campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites have become a robust platform for brands to generate business. In social media marketing, several factors continue to strive and affect online marketing strategies.  

TikTok – Reigning Social Media Platform

TikTok has dominated the social media scene for the past few years. The video platform has inspired countless innovations from other fellow social platforms like Instagram with Instagram Reels and YouTube with YouTube Shorts. 

Marketers also learn a lot from observing the behavior of users and brands on the platform. To this day, TikTok is an excellent social networking site for brands to boost engagements and, possibly, develop a content-powered revenue stream.

Influencers and User-Generated Content

Collaborating with influencers is still a viable marketing campaign. But in addition to celebrities and highly paid influencers, people are looking for legitimate and trustworthy sources for recommendations. Brands should take this opportunity to be affiliated with users that consumers perceive as credible individuals in the given industry.

LinkedIn – Elite B2B Marketing Platform

LinkedIn has recently increased engagement by over 22% in the last year. Although only second to Facebook, LinkedIn is a highly beneficial platform for B2B companies to generate leads and increase brand awareness.

SEO Marketing

SEO calls for fast, credible, and mobile-friendly websites. This was demonstrated by the emergent factors: core web vitals, E-A-T, and mobile-first indexing. These are three of the 5 Things to Look Out For in SEO 2023. These serve as guidelines for companies to maximize their SEO in the next twelve months.

Speed, performance, and stability – Core Web Vitals

Google has confirmed that it considers speed, performance, and stability when ranking websites. Although links, content, and search intent are given greater importance, passing web vitals standards can be the site’s needed push to climb higher in results pages. This demonstrates the need for technically optimized sites apart from other SEO tactics.

Credibility – Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

Credibility is an SEO factor that considers a site’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This is determined by the website’s linking and affiliation to other high domain authority (DA) web pages. For instance, if a high DA site mentions a company’s site, this greatly contributes to the site being perceived as credible by the algorithm. This process is part of link-building procedures, which influences the site’s trustworthiness in the eyes of the algorithm. 

Adaptive Web Design – Mobile-First Indexing

Multiplatform online activities are giving rise to the need for adaptive web designs—specifically, mobile-friendly websites. About 58.99% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. Additionally, Google implements a mobile-first indexing policy, which uses a site’s mobile version to crawl and index its content. It is strongly recommended that companies create a mobile version of their web pages. 

Achieve Massive Growth in 2023

The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving. Brands must stay up-to-date in online marketing to take advantage of rising trends and emergent factors. Create stronger and more impactful marketing campaigns with the latest digital marketing trends.

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