How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2024


Getting high-quality backlinks remains crucial for boosting website authority and ranking. In fact, 79.7% of outsourcing SEO agencies consider backlinks a critical part of their digital marketing efforts. 

High-quality and authoritative backlinks signal to search engines that your content is valuable. SEO services Philippines are more effective with strong link-building. 

However, with constant algorithm updates, the old methods don’t cut it anymore. Forget about spammy link farms and outdated tactics. Today, it’s all about leveraging smart, ethical techniques to earn those authority backlinks.

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2024 infographic

In 2024, Google released new spam policies to strengthen the platform’s defense against search engine abuse. One of the rolled out update targeted site reputation tactics that aim to influence search rankings.

Site reputation manipulation happens when one domain piggybacks on another site’s established authority and ranking power to boost its search visibility. 

These include manipulative link building tactics such as: 

  • Buying or selling links Google also acknowledges that buying and selling links are common in advertising and sponsorship deals. What it considers an unacceptable practice is when links are bought to manipulate search rankings.

Under Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, bought links are considered link spam. 

  • Excessive link exchanges – creating partner pages just for cross-linking.

Instead of focusing on genuine content and value, this linking strategy artificially inflates link counts. 

  • Link farms – websites or groups of websites created with the primary purpose of artificially increasing the number of inbound links to a target website.
  • Private blog network (PBN) – a group of websites that are controlled by one entity and used to build links to a main website.

This algorithm update has significantly raised the stakes, highlighting the need to adhere to ethical and quality-focused linking strategies. Why? Link schemes can now lead to deindexing. Google’s algorithms have become increasingly adept at detecting and penalizing manipulative tactics. 

By focusing on backlink best practices, website owners mitigate the risk of penalties and establish the foundation for long-term success. 

Advanced link building techniques focus on quality, relevance, and natural link-building practices.

Here are some strategies on how to get backlinks for free:

Helpful Content

Value-adding content provides valuable information that readers find useful and worth sharing. Credible content also earns the user’s trust, making them more likely to link to your site as a reliable resource.

Examples of high-quality materials you can produce include:

  • Infographics
  • Research Results
  • Case Studies
  • Surveys

By focusing on creating and promoting authoritative content, you can attract domain authority or DA backlinks naturally. 

Guest Post

Guest posting encompasses creating and publishing content on someone else’s website or blog. 

Guest posting allows you to add a link to your website either in the article itself or at the end. This link can bring readers back to your website.

It’s a good backlink strategy because it helps you: 

  • connect to a wider audience 
  • establish yourself as a topic authority in your field 
  • gain valuable DA links back to your site

Link baiting is a marketing technique that leverages sensational or controversial topics that catch viewers’ attention. 

Content that stands out is more likely to be shared by others on their websites, blogs, or social media profiles. When people link to this content from their websites or blogs, it generates relevant backlinks to your site.

Link bait ideas include:

  • ego baiting
  • using emotional hooks
  • controversies
  • breaking news 
  • shocking visuals 
  • humor 

Suppose you run a marketing blog and want to use ego-baiting to link bait.

Ego baiting is a tactic that involves flattering or mentioning influential individuals or organizations to encourage them to share or link to it.

You can create a listicle titled “Top 50 Marketing Gurus of 2024” and highlight the achievements and contributions of influential marketers in your industry. Once the article is published, you reach out to each featured marketing guru and notify them that they’ve been included in your blog. This will encourage them to share the article with their followers or link it to their websites or social media profiles.

Content Partnerships

A content partnership is a collaboration between two or more parties to create and distribute content.

This is how content partnership works:

  • Identify partners: Identify potential partners with complementary audiences or relevant expertise relevant to your industry or niche.
  • Negotiate terms: Agree upon the terms of the partnership (e.g., type of content to be created, how it will be shared, and any promotional activities involved.)
  • Content Creation: Each partner creates content according to the agreed-upon terms.
  • Cross-Promotion: Partners share each other’s content with their respective audiences through various marketing channels.

Content partnerships enable each partner to include hyperlinks to the other partner’s website. For instance, if Partner A writes an article for Partner B’s site, they can insert high DA links pointing to Partner B’s website within the article, and vice versa.

Measuring the effectiveness of a backlink profile involves analyzing several key metrics to assess its quality, relevance, and authority. 

  • Total Number of Backlinks: While quantity alone isn’t indicative of quality, it can help monitor the overall growth of your backlink profile over time.
  • Domain Authority (DA): Helps gauge the quality of the websites linking to you.
  • Relevance: backlinks from sources related to your website are typically more valuable in SEO.
  • Link Diversity: Search engines often see a diverse profile as more natural and organic.
  • Anchor Text Distribution: Natural, varied anchor text that includes brand names, URLs, and relevant keywords is preferable over keyword-stuffed or overly optimized anchor text.
  • Link Velocity: Sudden drops or spikes in link velocity may indicate unusual activity or potential issues with your backlink profile.
  • Referring Domains: A higher number of referring domains often correlates with a stronger backlink profile.
  • Social Signals: While not direct backlinks, shares and mentions on social media platforms can contribute to your website’s visibility and indirectly impact your backlink profile.

Regularly monitoring your link building report and adjusting your linking strategy ensures that your backlink profile remains strong, relevant, and aligned with best SEO practices.

Implementing targeted backlink strategies allows you to strategically position your website for maximum exposure to your target audience. By incorporating effective backlink strategies into your SEO efforts, you can significantly improve your website’s search engine performance and attract more organic traffic. 

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