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The importance of a business’s online presence has never been higher in today’s age. Those with strong digital marketing have more chances of succeeding in their industries than those without. Fortunately, enterprises have tools like Search engine optimization (SEO) to assist them in developing web pages that show up on top of search engine results pages (SERP).  

Many companies now realize the benefits of outsourcing SEO. Compared to hiring an in-house SEO team, hiring an outsourcing SEO agency is significantly less expensive. And if done correctly, quality won’t be compromised.

SEO Services in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the top SEO outsourcing centers in the world. Outsourcing your SEO to the Philippines could be your next best business decision. 

The cultural compatibility of the Philippines, particularly with Western society, is what draws multinational businesses here. More so, English-speaking proficiency among Filipinos is high. Hiring SEO services in the Philippines will allow you to gain various advantages.

But it can be challenging to find the best SEO agency Philippines. Organizations and individuals can easily claim expertise and offer services to make quick money. It is important to deal with a digital marketing company that can provide quality SEO services to maximize the benefits of this investment.

How to Properly Choose an SEO Service Provider?

You would want to approach the selection of the best SEO agency in Philippines wisely and logically. Rushing through the process increases the likelihood of signing with an agency that falls short of your goals. Instead of being helpful, this can make the process frustrating and may even prevent you from generating search-related traffic, leads, or sales.

Here are steps you can take to choose the ideal SEO service provider for your company.

Request SEO Case Studies & Client Examples

Performance is important for businesses like yours as well as SEO agencies. You can evaluate the SEO agency’s past performance to determine its ability to provide quality service. 

Examine their prior accomplishments, whether through portfolio examples, case studies, accolades from the industry, or client recommendations. Request examples of the websites they have optimized and the rankings they have assisted these websites in achieving for specific keywords. 

It would be ideal to ask for current client examples that are demonstrating strong progress. The older the case study data an SEO company provides you, the less useful it may be. This is because SEO trends constantly change and shift the dynamics of the industry. However, they may be unable to give you data that is up to date due to client confidentiality.

Additionally, request case studies for websites whose main strategic objective is comparable to yours. It is also crucial to pay attention to the metrics presented to you as examples. If all they discuss is rankings and are not touching the conversation in the direction of conversions and actual sales, then the SEO company might not be thinking of the larger picture. Of course, rankings and traffic are important SEO performance indicators. But your main objective should be to boost leads and sales.

Inquire of Present or Former Customers About Their Experience

Reading customer reviews and conducting in-depth interviews will help you learn more about the agency’s client experience. Find out as much as you can about their SEO strategy, business operations, and reporting. This way, you can evaluate your SEO vendor before entering a business relationship with them. 

You can ask frequently asked questions such as:

  • How quickly does the company respond to calls or emails?
  • Do customers have one main point of contact or several?
  • How much time should customers allot reviewing reports and selecting a course of action?

These questions will help you shorten your list of potential service providers. You can then concentrate your time and energy on SEO agencies that meet your criteria.

Watch Out for Unrealistic SEO Guarantees

Nobody can guarantee an organic search ranking on Google or any other search engine, and no SEO agency should offer guaranteed SEO services. This is because neither they nor any other SEO firm can influence how Google ranks websites. SEO agencies try their best to comprehend Google’s algorithm updates so they can adjust your website to conform to Google’s requirements.

What SEO agencies do is keep track of the ranking algorithm’s adjustments and work on strategies to raise a website’s ranking on a regular basis. In turn, this will support the development of your website into a platform that has a good potential for SEO success.

As the saying goes, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” If an SEO business promises results, you should be wary. Even the best search engine optimizer would admit that there is no sure way to predict how your website will perform after the optimization is complete.

Ask for SEO Pricing

Similar to graphic outsourcing services, it’s important to know what you’ll get for your money as well as how much you will be paying. The price of SEO services varies according to the difficulty of the targeted keywords, the services offered, and the kind of SEO agency you select. 

There are a few distinct pricing structures you can anticipate, regardless of whether you work with a known eCommerce SEO company or a small SEO agency. There are typically two pricing models: monthly plans and hourly charges.

A monthly plan can offer an economical solution to your SEO needs. Packages can cost between $700 and 20,000 per month. This range varies depending on the services covered by the plan. It’s crucial to note that while agencies are offering monthly plans, no SEO packages are one-size-fits-all because that is not the most effective way to approach SEO.

The hourly charges for SEO typically range from $50 to $250. If you want to pay for SEO by the hour, it might be a good idea to ask a consultant or agency to do an SEO audit before paying an hourly charge for SEO services. If your website has very little existing exposure and you require those kinds of fast results, you’d probably benefit from combining your SEO efforts with paid advertising, like a Google Ads campaign.

Why Outsource from a Philippine SEO Agency?

SEO enables businesses to raise their search engine rankings, improving brand awareness and increasing conversions. By working with the best SEO agency in the Philippines, you can attract high organic search traffic and take top SERP positions. Outsource your search engine marketing efforts and improve your chances of achieving your organizational goals. 

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