Email Marketing Statistics That Prove It’s Still An Effective Marketing Strategy (Infographic)


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Many beginners in digital marketing nowadays discount the effectiveness of email marketing in the acquisition of new customers and building their brand presence. Despite the unmistakable rise of platforms like social media networks and chat-based marketing, email marketing still remains a powerhouse for effective marketing communication.

Unknown to most novice business owners, email marketing can do much than just sending personalized messages to customers. To give you a clearer picture of email marketing and its benefits, we have listed down in this infographic the top email marketing stats that prove the credibility of email marketing in 2018.

Email Marketing Statistics

1. 53% of Marketers Believe Email Marketing Is A Good and Excellent Strategy

The recent State of Email Marketing in 2017 from Smart Insights revealed that email marketing is rated as the most effective digital media channel by marketers. It competes directly with organic and paid search amongst the main channels driving customer orders and delivers higher volumes than PPC campaigns (9%) and display advertising (8%).

But while it trumps over other digital marketing channels for most marketers, it does not mean that it is the only platform that you should use in your digital marketing campaign. In order to fully maximize the full potential of email marketing, you should consider using it in combination with SEO, social media marketing, digital advertising, and content marketing.

2. Email Marketing Has a 3200% ROI

It is without a doubt that the popularity of email marketing among digital marketers and its certain benefits are a strong testament that it really does provide a significant return on investment. According to 2018 Marketing Email Tracker report from DMA, it was revealed that that UK businesses could expect an average return of £32 for every £1 they spend; in the U.S., that ROI is $48.

Though crafting emails requires careful planning and creative consideration, their effectiveness and high ROI means that they should definitely play a huge role in your overall digital marketing strategy in 2018 onwards.

3. 49% of Customers Like To Receive Brand Emails

Despite the wide adoption of chat apps in customer service and marketing, many customers till prefer receiving promotional email from the brands they love. In the 2017 report from Statista, it was revealed that 49% of U.S. customers would like to receive brand emails on a weekly basis.

Compared to other emerging marketing communication tools, email is not intrusive in any way, and if you catch the customer at a good moment, there’s a high probability that they’ll check it immediately. This statistics should also dismiss any worries you have about sending emails to your customers too often; they like to hear from you but just make sure that everything you send to them is relevant and adds value to them.

4. Email is the 3rd Most Influential Source of Information for B2B Audiences

Email marketing indeed is a professional way to engage with B2B customers, that is why using it as a channel to distribute relevant and useful content pieces is a no-brainer for most B2B companies nowadays.

In fact, the 2018 B2B Content Marketing Trends from CMI revealed that 79% of B2B organizations use email as their primary channel for distributing content to their target audience.

Add to this statistic that email is the 3rd most influential source for the B2B audience, more influential that colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders.

Regardless if you are using email marketing to acquire customers or establish your brand authority, there’s no doubt that it can help you improve the effectiveness of your B2B content marketing efforts, enabling you to gain the trust of your prospective clients easier and turn them into a loyal customer of your brand faster.

5. 80% of Retail Professionals Say Email Marketing Is The Greatest Tool for Customer Retention

Among retailers, email continues to be the primary tool of choice for driving customer loyalty and winning new customers. According to a joint report from eTail and Emarys, 81% of SMBs use email as their main customer acquisition tool, while 80% use it to retain their customers in their business.

Research from this study revealed that email marketing ranks better on the chart than organic search, paid search, and social media when it comes to customer acquisition and retention. Although Facebook and Twitter can help you have a broader audience reach, email marketing definitely hits the spot better when it comes to making a direct impact and reach.

6. Personalized Emails Have 50% Higher Open Rates

It is no secret that email is one of the most personalize-able communication platforms in the digital marketing realm today. Adding personal touches to your emails will not only make them look and sound more tailor-made and relevant, but it can also improve their chances of being opened by your target audience.

On average, the open rate of email is 20.81%. But with personalized emails, e.g. personalized subject lines, you will be able to achieve 50% higher open rates, according to 2017 report from Yes Marketing. So, if you want to ensure that your brand messages are delivered and read by your customers, then sending personalized emails is the way to go for you.

7. Multiple Abandoned Cart Emails Can Lead to 69% More Orders

Abandoned carts are one of the issues that cause many e-commerce businesses not to hit their sales target. The good news is that through email marketing, you will be able to remarket to those who leave your website and finally convince them to complete their purchase.

The 2018 Omnisend study backs this up: sending three abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than a single email. By integrating email marketing in your e-commerce business, you will be able to retrieve your lost potential purchase transactions effectively, helping you to achieve your sales target consistently in the long run.


These statistics prove that while email marketing has been around for almost two decades now, it’s still a reliable marketing strategy that no business can’t afford to ignore nowadays. If your business does not have an email marketing strategy planned out yet, then consider these stats as your wakeup call and start working with your team on how you can utilize this strategy to build a more successful business today.

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