How AI Chatbots Are Changing Search? (Infographic)


It was not so long ago that marketers started modifying their SEO strategies to make way for the idea and growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, companies once again need to prepare for another possibly huge change in the search industry due to great developments in AI technology — AI chatbots. 

How AI Chatbots Are Changing Search? Infographic

What is an AI Chatbots?

If you have visited a website, and a little chat window pops up asking if you need help, then you have encountered an AI chatbot online.

AI chatbots function like virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, except they have company-oriented responses instead of user-specific functions.

With artificial intelligence, chatbots understand and respond to questions like real people. They are designed to simplify how users get information, like looking for products or asking for customer assistance.

The State of AI Chatbots

Expansions of AI have made chatbots more effective and efficient in creating value for users. With Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, AI chatbots can learn how people communicate and consider them in answering queries.

One of the greatest progress in AI is OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT. The application has revolutionized the use of chatbots, from simply being able to respond to queries to fulfilling requests such as writing an entire essay or summarizing a book’s plot.

ChatGPT’s generative approach to chatbots has inspired competitors to adopt a more aggressive approach to AI, allowing for automation tools that simplify various digital processes.

Chatbots can be found on a wide range of websites and apps, providing chat support services to consumers. But with its advancement, businesses can now use these tools to streamline tasks such as content creation and data analytics. 

Users can take advantage of its generative properties to automate tasks such as composing messages, brainstorming ideas, and many more. They can also use AI chatbots to get answers to their queries more conveniently. 

With the prevalence of AI chatbots and their potential to revolutionize how users get information, search engine companies Microsoft and Google have explored the possibilities of integrating AI chatbots into the modern search process. This has led to the creation of Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing and Google’s Bard.

Search Engine Chatbots: Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s Bard

Microsoft, the creator of the Bing search engine, already realized the potential of AI chatbots way back in 2016. They have been developing ways to integrate AI into their search engine and finally released the new Bing AI chatbot in February 2023. The new feature is available in the chat option of the Bing web browser and on mobile devices via Swiftkey keyboard.

The new Bing chatbot is a product of a partnership with Open AI. It combines the features of the Microsoft search engine with a customized version of ChatGPT, resulting in an amplified search experience.

Google has also entered the AI chatbot segment with its unveiling of Bard. The company aims to establish its presence in AI technology while solidifying itself as a leader in the search engine industry.

Bard is designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and curiosity while addressing potential biases and misinformation. It is meant to provide a complimentary experience to Google search, allowing users to explore the sources of the chatbot’s responses. 

Currently, Bard is being introduced in the US and the UK. Users can sign up to try Google’s new AI chatbot at

What Do Google Bard and Other AI Chatbots Mean for the Future of SEO?

As the leading search platform, Google’s release of Bard can greatly change how people approach SEO. 

From what can be deciphered in Bard’s early stages, businesses and digital marketers can expect the following changes and features:

  • Bard will replace the spots for featured snippets.
  • Like ChatGPT, Bard will provide personalized answers to the users’ queries by consolidating information from multiple sources.
  • It can provide additional insights by suggesting articles from SERP, images, videos, products, etc.
  • Bard can lead digital marketers to modify their SEO strategies, especially those geared toward gaining feature snippets.

Aside from Google Bard’s possible alterations to the site’s interface, AI chatbots in search can revolutionize users’ approach to search in the future. AI-powered search engines can create the following changes in the search process:

  • More Personalized Search

The search process will resemble a typical conversation with the added AI chatbot. Users can ask follow-up questions and receive customized results according to the user data, thus creating a more personalized experience for them. 

AI chatbots can help users find information quicker by providing a channel to continue looking for information without switching tabs. This can also result in a more organized search process. 

  • More Specific, Long-form Queries

With a more comfortable channel for composing queries, users can now ask specific and long-form questions. Users will be able to express their concerns in more detail. With more data,  the search engine can find more relevant and helpful results. This significantly improves user experience.

Companies and digital marketers can greatly benefit from this as it presents an opportunity to learn more about their consumers and enhance their search strategies accordingly. 

  • Conversational Language

AI chatbots boost users’ confidence in using natural language in queries. With a platform capable of understanding human communication, users will be encouraged to use conversational language when searching. This can lead to longer and more specific keywords.

SEO professionals might need to adopt conversational language in their content as well, strengthening the need for simpler or more casual terms, especially when it comes to B2C marketing.

  • Multimedia Search

Multimedia search is a huge factor that digital marketers consider in creating SEO strategies today, especially with the growth of voice and image search. In response, search giants are improving their AI chatbots to have the capacity for multimedia search. 

Currently, search platforms already offer multimedia search methods. Combined with AI technology capable of understanding human speech, the multimedia search will become more prevalent and effective.

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