Leverage Visual Storytelling to Win More Leads (Infographic)


With today’s digital competitiveness, capturing the audience’s attention should be every business’s marketing priority. But with the constant changes in the marketing world, aligning strategies with people’s interests can be challenging. Therefore, being keenly aware of emerging marketing trends, such as visual storytelling, is important. 

What is Visual Storytelling?

Visual storytelling is a digital narrative form where stories are conveyed through images and videos. It combines traditional and virtual elements to create engaging and interactive user experiences. 

Tiktok’s surge in popularity is a testament to visual storytelling’s effectiveness. The same can be said about how Facebook and Twitter posts with images have higher engagements than those with text alone. 

How to leverage this strategy for lead generation and as part of a brand’s SEO Manila Philippines are what businesses must face now. 

Leverage Visual Storytelling to Win More Leads Infographic

Examples of Visual Storytelling Content

Based on statistics by The Treetop Therapy, the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds. Most people can also only remember about 10% of what they read or hear, making reading texts alone inefficient. 

But with visuals, many can process information faster. 65% of the world’s population is known to be visual learners. Unlike text-driven content, visuals can make the material more understandable and memorable. 

A social media marketing company Philippines can help enterprises seeking ways to boost their social media presence by creating effective visual storytelling content using:

  • Photos
  • Memes
  • GIFs
  • Custom Images
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Videos
  • Animations

How to Unleash Visual Storytelling Impact on Marketing?

With businesses coming up with their own marketing gimmicks, it is crucial to have a campaign that works for your brand. More than aligning your marketing material with your brand, it is also vital to craft shareable and meaningful content.

These tips will be your pointers on how to maximize visual storytelling’s influence.  

Share Your Origin Story

Brands have many potential stories to share, and one of the most significant narratives you can capitalize on is your origin. Tell your customers about your company’s 5Ws and 1H—what is business about? Why did you create it? When was it founded? Who came up with the business idea? How did you start? 

You may also share stories about some of the problems your brand experienced and how you overcame them. 

Sharing these with your audience will give them first-hand information of your brand. This can also help in establishing your identity. 

Communicate Your Company’s Goals

People love inspiring stories. Motivational and heart-tugging stories often go viral over the Internet. This is because emotional videos create memorable encounters, allowing the audience to experience a sense of empathy and association. 

Sharing your goals and aspirations with your audience enables them to relate with you. Allowing them to look at what your goals are humanizes you, enabling them to understand and connect with you. 

Deliver Relevant and Valuable Content

Besides creating relatable content, ensure that your visual storytelling can provide relevance and value to your audience’s lives. While emotional visuals can tug some hearts and win you more leads, it might not be enough to sustain your significance. 

Teach them how to use your product by creating content related to what you are selling. For example, if you are a make up brand, provide tutorials and teach your audience how to choose the right foundation shade for their skin tone. 

Uploading educational and instructional content can drive more traffic and viewership to a website. 

Tell How Your Products Are Made

For some companies, their production process is already a story itself. You can take advantage of this and create content telling your audience how your products are made. Allow them to see the steps of how you perfect the product you want them to purchase. 

Creating content out of your production process fosters transparency, deepens customer connection to your brand, and enhances visual storytelling through an authentic narrative. 

Highlight Customer Experiences

While highlighting your brand should be a priority when you create visual content, you can go beyond that by highlighting your customers’ experiences. Placing their stories in the spotlight empowers audience and makes your content more relatable. 

Benefits of Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is an effective way of winning more leads for your business. Below are some of the most distinguished advantages of visual storytelling.  

Attracts Customers

Attracting customers should be our priority, especially in social media and search engines, where everyone vies for attention and space. Unlike text-based posts, visuals can help you grab attention and distinguish your content from the rest. 

Engages Followers

Visual content’s ability to convey information, invoke emotions, and spark interest faster than text-driven materials leads to higher retention rates. Moreover, eye-catching visuals encourage sharing that can expand your reach. 

Can be Easily Understood

The human eyes can register 36,000 visual images per hour, whereas human brains are wired to process visual cues in 1/4 second. With Science backing this up, it is proven that visuals, such as images, videos, and infographics, provide instant context and appeal to people’s natural cognitive patterns. Visuals can simplify complex concepts, allowing the brain to comprehend the message more effectively. 


The human mind retains 80% of visual content, 20% of written information, and only 10% of what they hear. Following these numbers, it easily makes sense that visual storytelling effectively makes your content memorable for your audience. 


Mirroring your audience’s own experiences, challenges, or aspirations can help foster empathy and resonance. This relatability can also enhance engagement, making your narrative more impactful. 


In the competitive landscape of online platforms, gaining visibility and expanding your reach is crucial. Compelling visuals that evoke emotions, whether through humor, inspiration, or astonishment, encourage people to share, extending your content’s reach across their networks.

Extends beyond Social Media

Reusing your visuals for your other marketing campaign enables you to maximize the value of your efforts and extend their reach and impact. Furthermore, it can improve your visibility, authority, and readability, as people love visuals, especially videos. 

Work with the Best Graphic and SEO Expert in the Philippines

Leveraging visual storytelling to win more leads can be an enjoyable yet arduous process. Despite its numerous advantages, creating compelling visuals requires time and expertise only an excellent graphic designer can give. However, building a graphic designing team can take time and may be costly. 

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