Meta AI Assistant to Roll-out on Major Social Media Sites (Infographic)


Meta has launched its newest artificial intelligence (AI) assistant – Meta AI. Powered by Llama 3, the company’s open-source language model, Meta AI combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies to make connecting through social media faster and more fun. 

This innovation offers marketers with opportunities to enhance customer engagement and foster more personalized user experiences. Understanding the fundamentals of Meta AI allows them to leverage its features to streamline their digital marketing campaigns. 

Meta AI Assistant to Roll-out on Major Social Media Sites infographic

What is Meta AI?

Meta announced the roll-out of its AI assistant, Meta AI, across its social media applications, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Anyone can use Meta AI in the chat, feed, and search without leaving the app. Meta AI can help users get things done, create, learn, and interact with others with more convenience. 

Some of the key features of Meta AI include:

Conversational Assistance

Meta AI facilitates natural conversations, answers inquiries, and provides recommendations. 

For example, in Messenger, a user can tap on the Meta AI icon to learn more about SEO pros and cons after hearing about it from their entrepreneur colleague. Similar to other popular AI assistants, Meta AI can deliver conversational and personalized responses based on the entered prompt. 


Meta AI is also voice command activated. The integration of Meta AI in their Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses increases its accessibility and enables users to ask about objects within their surroundings. 

To utilize this feature, users can start by saying “Hey Meta” before proceeding with their inquiries. For instance, one can say, “Hey Meta, take a picture of this ad and tell me where to get graphic design in the Philippines as good as this.”

Image Generation 

Meta AI can generate realistic photos and custom GIFs based on text prompts. Users can input text prompts like “Create images or GIFs showcasing our new line of eco-friendly products” using the Imagine prompt in the Meta AI application. 

Seamless Search Integration

Users can utilize Meta AI without the need to switch between apps. They can do this by:

  • Typing “@” into their text input field and choosing Meta AI in their options. 
  • Entering their inquiry or request. 
  • Meta AI will then provide relevant answers to these questions. 

This integration streamlines search in social media without the need to open multiple tabs or applications. 

How to Leverage Meta AI for Digital Marketing?

Meta AI introduces the dawn of AI-powered social media. The AI tool’s innovative features allow marketers to tap into data-driven insights and develop more personalized experiences, thereby transforming how they connect with their customers across platforms. 

Businesses can utilize Meta AI to boost their digital marketing initiatives in several ways. 

  1. Enhance Customer Engagement 

According to a survey, 56% of business owners use AI-powered solutions in client support to optimize the customer experience. Specifically, 73% of organizations are utilizing instant messaging (chatbots) to improve the customer experience. 

Ways AI is improving the customer service

This image is taken from Forbytes

The predominant use of instant messaging is an opportunity for marketers to leverage Meta AI to enhance customer engagement. 

Meta AI can personalize marketing messages based on user interactions. For example, if customers show interest in a brand, Meta AI can access their browsing and purchasing history to recommend related products, offer discounts, and encourage sales.

  1. Automate Customer Support

Marketers can leverage Meta AI to enhance customer support. Some strategies include:

  • Handling customer inquiries in real time and offering immediate assistance or recommending solutions through automated prompts. 
  • Providing live translations using its language translation model, Seamless, to accommodate users with different native languages. This can be beneficial for businesses that aim to expand their reach globally and establish inclusive communication across diverse audiences. 

By strategically employing Meta AI, organizations can achieve overall customer satisfaction and increase their revenue through repeat business. These aspects are significant contributors to maintaining relevance in an ever-evolving online ecosystem. 

  1. Optimize Marketing Campaigns 

Meta AI has a predictive analytics feature, which employs algorithms and machine learning techniques that can help businesses: 

  • determine future trends 
  • understand audience behaviors 
  • identify areas requiring improvement

AI integration into Meta’s social applications also enables marketers to delve deeper into topics of interest and gain relevant insights into their campaigns. 

For example, if they see a successful SEO Manila Philippines strategy on Facebook, they can ask Meta AI questions, like audience engagement techniques or metrics, to improve their initiatives. This allows them to obtain more information about implementation or performance metrics without leaving the app.  

  1. Enhance Content 

Businesses can use Meta AI to enhance content creation through various means, including: 

Image Generation
Meta AI’s image generation feature allows marketers to get inspiration and animate image creations. Its Emu (Expressive Media Universe) model generates images based on text prompts. This enables the creation of unique visualizations that are not achievable with traditional photography. 

Visual Storytelling
Utilizing Meta AI’s image generation capabilities can improve visual storytelling, thereby allowing businesses to craft engaging content. 

Idea Diversity
Combining AI capabilities with human analysis helps boost idea diversity and drive more innovative and creative content strategies. 

Customer Feedback Analysis
Meta AI uses natural language processing to assess customer feedback more effectively. This provides companies with insights into customer preferences and sentiments, allowing them to develop more relevant content accordingly. 

Consistently developing relevant and compelling content enables organizations to build a library of resources that uniquely define their brand. By harnessing Meta AI, businesses can enhance content personalization and automate content creation processes to make it easier to refine content strategies. 

  1. Improve Targeting Capabilities

According to a 2022 survey, 49% of consumers find a product through targeted ads. 

Meta AI features play a significant role in improving targeting capabilities in digital marketing campaigns. One notable feature is Meta Advantage, which uses machine learning algorithms to optimize campaign results and personalize ads. 

Meta Advantage allows marketers to learn and adapt to each customer profile, thereby enabling real-time marketing adjustments. Leveraging Meta AI’s Advantage feature has several benefits, including:

  • Better targeting refinement 
  • Improved return on investment (ROI 
  • Focus on high-value tasks 

Leverage the Power of Meta AI to Enhance Marketing Campaigns 

With Meta AI’s integration on major social media sites, marketers can now seamlessly adjust their strategies and craft compelling content to achieve better digital marketing initiatives. Strategically utilizing Meta AI’s unique features enables a social media marketing company Philippines to stay competitive and maximize outreach in an increasingly dynamic online environment. 

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