Product Page Best Practices for SEO (Infographic)


Product pages are important landing pages for e-commerce companies. These pages present key information about the company’s products or services and are what drive direct sales. Product pages are where customers can read reviews, view related goods, and add items to a wish list. 

It is crucial to get the product page SEO right. It can make or break the sales of your online store. Product pages should be made with evocative language, pertinent images, or videos to make it simple for customers to buy the product immediately. E-commerce product pages should balance content and functionality to deliver the optimal user experience.

Moreover, product pages should also be optimized for search engines in addition to being optimized for user experience. Optimized product pages rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) and draw potential customers.

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Product Page SEO

All the SEO factors that are important for your content pages are also important for your product pages. This includes keyword research, product page meta descriptions, product overviews, headings, rich snippets, page load speed, and mobile optimization.

An excellent e-commerce product page improves the enterprise’s conversion rate while decreasing the rate of cart abandonment. A strong product page also reduces the bounce rate. This is the rate at which people enter a single page and then leave your site. Great product pages allow users to browse the website for longer periods of time, explore other pages, and eventually make quick purchases.

To achieve these, here are four SEO practices you can use to improve your product pages.

  • Use SEO Basics on Product Pages

Product pages must be attractive and well-designed to support and promote the user’s purchase decision. Additionally, each product page also needs to have sufficient information for it to rank highly in the search engines.

Add a Great Title: Focus on the product name as the product page’s title. If applicable, also include the manufacturer’s name. If the product is a component of a larger system, add its stock-keeping unit or SKU.

Add Relevant and Unique Product Description: Good product descriptions cover the item’s features and benefits. But don’t just say the product is high quality. Be specific about what it can do and the advantages it can provide. 

Make sure your copies are error-free in order to build credibility and trust. Like a strong sales pitch, the content should embody the tone and personality of your business to connect with potential customers.

Add an Attention-Grabbing Meta Description: Adding a meta description yourself prevents Google from using irrelevant information as your meta description. These should be crafted properly to persuade searchers to choose your website over your competitors.

A good product page meta description should establish how the specific item can solve the searcher’s pain points. It should also encourage them to learn more about the product.

  • Add Structured Data 

Structured data is a crucial component of a contemporary SEO strategy. It is a term for data that adheres to a data model, has a clearly defined structure, follows a persistent order, and is simple for both humans and programs to access. 

Structured data is now a must for your product pages. For example, there is now a specific product scheme that allows a web page to be highlighted in the search results as Rich Snippets. But adding it to your websites can be challenging. Hiring SEO services in the Philippines can help the company reap its benefits without too much hassle.

Additionally, the company can also markup customer reviews with Review Structured Data. This markup was agreed upon by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex so they could more readily distinguish between product pages and all the aspects and qualities of the products. This will help your product page stand out and raise the likelihood that someone searching for what you provide will click on your link.

  • Include Other Relevant Information

The product page in your online store is the one page that requires more information than usual. For example, you should include user feedback to increase the credibility of your website. 

Encourage your consumers to post reviews so that you may display them on your product page. Did you get bad reviews? Get in touch with the customer, find out what’s wrong, and try to fix it. They might be able to change their bad review to a good one. This also gives you fresh perspectives on your customer experience.

Also, make sure that your contact information, details regarding returns and shipping, payment, privacy, etc., are all clearly accessible. This will increase transparency and improve your client’s faith in you.

  • Speed up Product Pages

Search engines and users demand pages that load quickly. Consumers dislike waiting, particularly in today’s mobile-centric environment. Enterprises should focus on improving the speed of their product page to keep potential buyers on the site long enough for them to make a purchase. 

One way to improve page speed is to upgrade your hosting plan. Select the one that offers a reasonable price and good performance. If you think the hardware is inadequate, you might want to upgrade it. You should also look into how your databases operate to see if there are any changes you can make. Additionally, you can also get WordPress page speed optimization service to increase conversions, boost user engagement, and rank higher in SERPs.

Digital Marketing Support for E-commerce Enterprises

Regular SEO and user experience are important, and they should be prioritized to optimize your product page and get targeted results. Need some assistance? Optimize your website, increase your online visibility, and rank highly in shopping search results with the best SEO marketing services from Digital Marketing Philippines (DMP).


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