Top 10 B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies from Outsourced SEO (Infographic)


Attracting new customers while retaining the current customer base is vital for B2B enterprises. In the ever-competitive business landscape, industry players continually invest in strategies that help them with these endeavors.

However, some of these strategies are complex and time-intensive, and businesses might not be able to handle them by themselves. To stay on top of their customer acquisition efforts without losing focus on their core functions, B2B companies can rely on outsourced SEO agencies instead.

Here are ten time-tested customer acquisition strategies from outsourced SEO service providers.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

Keyword Research

Keywords are a fundamental factor of any effective B2B SEO strategy. They are what the targeted clients use to find answers to their online queries and what companies use to optimize their content around. Without solid keyword research, businesses will be lost on the internet, unable to be found by their targeted audiences.

For B2C marketers, their keyword research is often centered on commercial search queries. On the other hand, B2B customer acquisition strategies are more extensive, requiring keyword research that can address informational searches.

For instance, using niche-focused, long-tail keywords may prove more beneficial for B2B enterprises. These keywords can target more specific search terms, increasing conversion more effectively. According to studies, a staggering 91.8% of search queries are long-tail keywords.

Agencies that provide SEO services eliminate the guesswork from B2B business owners when it comes to keyword research. With the right tools and expertise on their side, outsourced SEO companies can research and utilize the correct keywords to their advantage, bolstering customer acquisition and driving more traffic to the website.

Using Topic Clusters to Create a Solid Keyword Strategy

A group of content revolving around a central topic and links to and from a “pillar page” is called a topic cluster.

Using topic clusters is one way to showcase the company’s expertise and is an effective method in B2B SEO to boost customer acquisition capabilities. It also helps organize content and avoid keyword cannibalization or using too many similar keywords on multiple web pages.

Topic clusters must include content that can answer targeted customers’ queries, command attention, and introduce prospects to the company. The content should also be rank-ready for search engine listings.

Outsourced SEO agencies can help businesses develop a sound keyword strategy based on topic clusters to target specific audiences at each purchasing cycle stage. They can also create scalable content tactics that the enterprise can build on periodically.

Optimizing Your Website for Improved User Experience

About 86% of B2B executives find customer experience highly important. This is why enterprises must ensure that their website performs optimally and delivers what users want precisely.

Page load time, design, navigation, and working links are a few examples of the SEO factors that can make or break user experience on online platforms. And outsourced SEO services providers can help B2B enterprises stay on top of these components, making sure that the website is well-maintained and running smoothly.

Optimizing for Mobile

Optimizing the business website does not only encompass desktop sites. Responsive design and mobile-friendliness are among the crucial factors affecting user experience, including that of decision-makers.

A business client’s experience on one’s mobile website may affect their perception of the company. Google research reveals that about 40% of revenue in leading B2B enterprises are precipitated by mobile. In addition, a whopping 90% of B2B purchasers are more likely to become returning buyers if they have an excellent mobile experience.

Similar to how outsourced SEO agencies help run an optimized desktop site, they also ensure that the business’s online platform operates smoothly on mobile devices. The business website should be able to fit any screen, load with optimal speed, and perform well, regardless of the device used.

Creating Evergreen Content 

Evergreen content is one that stays relevant to target readers, regardless of the season or period. It is content that does not go out of date and does not lose a residual traffic level over time.

External SEO agencies understand that creating quality evergreen content is vital for any SEO campaign. B2B clients often prefer relevant content that can help solve their pain points rather than obvious advertising.

According to Forrester, at least eight pieces of content are viewed by more than half of B2B buyers in the duration of their purchasing journey. Meanwhile, at least five pieces of content are viewed by 82% of B2B customers before finalizing a purchase.

Having evergreen content also helps when repurposing content. Refurbishing and reusing content is a great way of acquiring customers since they will often have recurring problems that need solving.

Establishing Your Business as an Authority and Build Quality Links

Creating credible, high-quality content that focuses on the business’s niche allows prospects to recognize the company as an authority. The relevant content created by the outsourced SEO service provider can contribute significantly to this process.

Targeted audiences often gravitate toward enterprises that provide solutions and address their pain points. Being an authority in the industry attracts entities to link back to the business, driving increased traffic to the website. Upon seeing the company’s value, B2B clients are likelier to buy and become loyal customers for the long run.

Leveraging Visual Content for SEO

Apart from written posts, visual content has also proven an effective strategy for B2B customer acquisition. And outsourced SEO agencies are adept at making quality visual content that attracts targeted audiences effectively.

For instance, infographics can add more value to the text and be shared on different platforms to reach more targeted audiences. By sharing the company’s infographic content, it can earn backlinks that can help boost the website’s search engine rankings. In addition, the external SEO team can incorporate keywords into video titles, making them easier to be found by targeted clients.

Listing Your Business in Various Directories

Listing the company in directories like Google My Business (GMB) can significantly help drive online visibility, especially for local businesses. It contributes to the company’s value and makes it easier to verify its legitimacy. It also fosters trust among potential clients who want to learn more about the enterprise and determine if they will do business with it.

Like any other B2B SEO effort, this task entails close monitoring and attention. An outsourced SEO agency can help clients list the business in relevant directories and update the information as needed. They can help ensure that the data stays accurate, especially if changes are made, such as shifts in working hours or a new address.

Harnessing Social Media

Many entrenched SEO agencies know how to leverage social media to their advantage. Although social media likes and shares do not affect the business website’s ranking on SERPs, other factors have a significant impact.

For example, outsourced SEO companies can help the business use relevant keywords and links to the website in social media posts. This strategy can positively affect the business website’s search ranking, increasing the chances for effective customer acquisition.

Covering platforms other than search engines is a great help for online visibility boost.

Joining Forum Marketing

Online forums are a popular way of communicating with people about common interests. Here, B2B businesses can find target audiences discussing products or services similar to what the company offers. These platforms can help enterprises connect with potential clients, sharing their expertise and aiding targeted customers in solving their pain points.

When using online forums, it is essential to keep in mind that the purpose should be to provide solutions instead of posting to sell. In connection, an outsourced SEO agency can implement the right strategy to leverage forum marketing for SEO.

The Takeaway

SEO is a valuable tool in the B2B customer acquisition process. It takes the right strategies and the right outsourced SEO team to run a successful campaign that produces desired results. The aforementioned strategies are just some of the things that an external SEO agency can offer clients. With the right company to work with, B2B businesses can make the most of SEO digital marketing strategies to maximize their customer acquisition capabilities.

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