Video Marketing Trends to Incorporate into Your Marketing Plan (Infographic)


Video marketing has emerged as a pivotal promotional tool for brands seeking to expand their reach, especially in today’s digital age. By exploring diverse video marketing trends, you have the potential to elevate your business’s engagement levels, drive conversions, and amplify your sales figures.

While individuals vary in information retention methods, approximately 65% of the global population are visual learners. This indicates that the majority absorbs information through visual means.

In the context of digital marketing, a  Wyzowl study reveals that customers increasingly rely on video content to gain insights into products or services. It also asserts that video marketing significantly contributes to influencing these clients toward making a purchase.

This data supports that businesses need to leverage their customers’ need for visual presentations to attract them and make a sale. Integrating video marketing trends into their promotional strategies is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Video Marketing Trends to Incorporate into Your Marketing Plan Infographic

There are various video marketing trends available for enterprises to use. But like other marketing tactics, not all may be suitable for your business. Knowing what trend suits your niche best is the wisest marketing decision you can make. 

Below are some examples of video marketing fads to help you decide on what to utilize. 

Live stream

Live streaming is among the most popular video content marketing trends today. It allows users to watch content in real time. An internet-enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet, and a platform are all you need to start live streaming. 

Some of the best live streaming platforms are:

VimeoProfessional Broadcasters
TikTok LiveInfluencers and Online Sellers
YouTube LiveSocial Influencers
ZoomBusiness Professionals
DacastNon-technical Streamers
UscreenExperienced Creators
KalturaEducational Institutions

This marketing tactic is an excellent way to catch the attention of audiences and showcase your products or services. Live broadcasting is also ideal for enterprises aiming to enter the eCommerce field, especially with the emergence of TikTok shops.

With live streaming, you can either sell your products and services on the spot or walk your viewers through the process of how you create your products. Either way, live broadcasting is a consistent marketing strategy you can utilize to boost your business.

Interactive Videos

Say goodbye to old, boring videos and welcome the latest interactive ones. Interactive videos have made a significant impact in the marketing industry, with clickable elements, polls, and quizzes.

With interactive videos, you can go beyond entertaining your customers. This video marketing trend also offers invaluable insight into your audience’s preferences and behaviors.

Some examples of interactive videos are:

●     Hotspot Video features a clickable button, called a hotspot, within the video. This button can track objects and make them clickable.

●     The Hub Video presents multiple videos in one video player, allowing your audience to have control of what to watch and when they want to watch it.

●     Contact Form Videos revolutionize the conventional, static contact forms commonly seen on websites, offering an engaging and up-to-date alternative. With this, you can personalize the experience for your customers and make it more enjoyable.

●     Choose Your Own Adventure Videos is an interactive video that allows you to place your audience at the center of the story. This marketing trend allows the viewers to influence the direction of the storyline by providing them with options.

●     Gamification Videos are perfect for businesses aiming to boost brand awareness and sales. With this trend, you are letting your audience play as they learn more about your product or service.

Short-Form Videos

In recent years, short-form video content has surged in popularity. This is shown in TikTok’s immense success, which prompted Instagram to introduce Reels and YouTube to create Shorts.

Short-form videos typically range from one to three minutes, offering a convenient and more cost-effective option for businesses looking to produce video content but facing limitations on their resources.

With an average human attention span of just 8.25 seconds, it is no wonder that short-form videos are known to yield more positive returns on investment compared to long-form counterparts. This also contributes to why short-form videos have emerged as one of the most prominent digital marketing trends in 2023.

With short-form videos, you can craft humorous sketches related to your brand, showcase product demonstrations, share customer testimonials, and much more.


Web seminars, or webinars,  are virtual conferences conducted online, enabling participants from around the globe to gather in a digital classroom and exchange information via the internet.

This video marketing trend offers a platform for in-depth discussions, allowing businesses to showcase expertise and build trust with their audience. Employing webinars can also help enterprises facilitate real-time engagement and interaction, enabling direct communication with potential customers.

Webinars can be repurposed as valuable content, extending their reach beyond the live event. Furthermore, they are excellent lead-generating tools. By requiring interested participants to fill out a form and provide their email addresses, webinars enable enterprises to employ email marketing. This allows them to engage with individuals who have already expressed interest in their offerings. 

This versatility and effectiveness make webinars a powerful tool in modern video marketing strategies.

Video SEO

Video marketing and SEO Manila Philippines are two marketing strategies frequently discussed separately but are rarely mentioned together. However, with search engines constantly updating their algorithms, prioritizing video SEO has become an imperative marketing tactic.

Video SEO is a holistic approach to optimizing your videos in a way they can attain good standing in search engine results under your targeted keywords. Video SEO encompasses the creation of video metadata to allow users to identify your content’s characteristics, making it easier for them to search and use your video.

But like ranking articles, boosting your video SEO content can also be challenging. Thus, here are some tips you can use to get your video SEO material out there:

●     Place your video SEO on public web pages, use meta tags, and create a video sitemap to make your videos easier to find.

●     Enable indexing for your video content.

●     Ensure Google can retrieve your video files.

●     Incorporate significant moments into your YouTube video.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Videos

User-generated content (UGC), also referred to as consumer-generated content, is among the social media marketing trends offering unique, brand-centric material crafted by customers.

Besides videos, UGC content can also come in images, reviews, testimonials, and podcasts.

Brands can enlist help from UGC creators, customers, brand loyalists, or their employees to create sponsored content that appears authentic and designed to highlight a specific product or service.

While UGC videos are typically contracted by a company, these videos provide the kind of authenticity that resonates with the customers.

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