Stats on Facebook Reels Marketers Cannot Ignore (Infographic)


The social media giant Facebook is a popular digital marketing tool, attracting businesses to its 3.049 billion active monthly users. While its popularity brings increased competition, brands can stand out on the platform by maximizing their use of Facebook’s features, such as Facebook Reels

When employed strategically, Facebook Reels can amplify marketers’ reach and ensure a competitive edge in the dynamic digital landscape. 

Stats on Facebook Reels Marketers Cannot Ignore Infographic

Overview of Facebook Reels

The boom of TikTok reshaped how viewers consume content and led to the popularity of short-form videos. Meta, seeing the reach and force of this trend, also released its own version – the Facebook Reels.

Meta originally released Facebook Reels in the US, Canada, Mexico, and India in September 2021. It later made the feature available to 150 countries in February 2022. Meta also geared up to stand against TikTok by adding editing and monetization capabilities to Facebook Reels.

Reels are short-form videos on Facebook. This feature allows users to create and submit short videos with music, audio snippets, and visual effects. It is similar to what can be seen on other bite-sized video platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. 

Facebook Reels now allows videos up to 90 seconds, an increase from the previous 60-second limit. Meta also integrated Memories, a feature where users can repost their favorite moments through a ‘Share as Reel’ option. 

The shareability and discoverability of Reels extend beyond followers of an account. This is the primary reason why Reels can enhance exposure and enable brands to connect with a diverse market.

Facebook Reels Statistics

Data serve as the foundation for making influential Facebook Reels marketing strategies. It offers valuable insights, ensuring effective and informed utilization of the platform. 

Here are valuable statistics about Facebook Reels you should not ignore:

Facebook Reels Boasts the Highest Average Engagement Rate

Users interact with various Facebook posts uniquely. The average engagement rate of different Facebook post types is as follows: 

  • Reels have the highest average engagement rate at 0.22% 
  • Videos at 0.18% 
  • Photos at 0.17% 
  • Links at 0.14% 
  • Statuses at 0.125% 
  • Albums with the lowest average engagement rate at 0.124% 

This information highlights the significance of focusing on Reels in capturing users’ attention and interaction on the platform. Marketers can utilize this data to reflect on crucial analytics, such as content performance, and refine their tactics to resonate effectively with their target audience. 

Facebook Reels Has an Estimated 697.1 Million Users Potential Ad Reach

Facebook Stories has a notable 1.25 billion users, search results 733.1 million, and Facebook Marketplace 485.7 million. While the audience for Reels advertisements is presently smaller than that of Stories, Reels’ vast user base presents opportunities, especially in the context of larger Facebook data.

Reels Get 140 Billion Daily Plays in the Facebook App

The enduring popularity of Reels is evident, with 140 billion daily plays in the Facebook app. With algorithms favoring this format, Reels offer a considerable possibility for heightened visibility and engagement. 

Facebook Secured 3.3% Ad Impressions from Reels in 2022

In 2022, Facebook Reels accounted for 3.3% of ad impressions on the social network and had nearly half the potential viewership of Stories advertising. Businesses can gain a competitive edge with a well-defined Reels advertising strategy, especially as it is still relatively new in the advertising scene.

Facebook and IG Reels Outshine TikTok in Views

Analysis from Emplifi shows that Reels outperform ordinary video uploads. Facebook Reels receive more than three times the median views compared to other video content on the site.

85% of Marketers Consider Short-form Videos the Most Effective Video Content Format

85% of marketers believe short-form videos are the most effective format for video content. This makes Facebook Reels ideal for brand promotion, with 66% of consumers stating that short-form videos are more engaging than long-form ones on social media. 

86% of companies use Facebook for video marketing. It follows YouTube’s lead at 90% approval from business owners. This is a notable statistic, considering 46% of users utilize Facebook for watching videos. 

Facebook has a dedicated ‘Video’ tab where individuals can navigate different video categories like Live, Gaming, Reels, and Following. These features enhance user experience by giving users access to content aligned with their needs and preferences. 

47% of Global Consumers Find Reels Helpful for Discovering New Products

According to Meta, 47% of global consumers find short-form videos helpful for discovering and shopping for new products. This underscores the increasing inclination for formats like Reels to build community and connection. Creating a compelling brand story, including interactive polls and visual narratives, can boost awareness and reinforce customer relationships. Videos increase sales by fostering an emotional and genuine connection with consumers. 

Best Practices in Creating Facebook Reels 

Valuable content builds customer trust and brand loyalty, with viral pieces promoting organic growth and attracting new viewers. Creating engaging content can be difficult but necessary for enterprises looking to increase brand awareness and website traffic. 

There are several best practices that can help entrepreneurs create trending Facebook reels. Here are some of them:

  • Repurpose Content – Repurposing content is an inexpensive technique to convert previously published material into a new format. For example, brands can condense blog posts essential ideas and convert them to Reels with relevant photos. Repurposing popular content into Reels enables companies to capitalize on what has resonated with their audience, improving engagement and shareability.
  • Make it Engaging – Engage audiences with interesting information that motivates them to take action. This can be done through making how-to tutorials or a behind-the-scenes look into the brand’s creative process. 

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  • Stay Updated or Start a Trend – Facilitate Facebook Reels trends that users can easily follow. Stay familiar with industry trends and create content that captures attention and encourages community interaction. 
  • Post Quality Content – Keep viewers interested with clear, reliable, and high-quality Reels. You can do this by avoiding shaky or blurry films, keeping a brisk pace, and limiting overbearing edits. Showcasing professionalism improves brand impression and promotes meaningful engagement. 

Leverage Facebook Reels for Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

Facebook Reels stands as a robust tool for digital marketing initiatives. By keeping updated with the latest statistics and trends and employing best practices to craft engaging reels, organizations can strengthen their online presence. 

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