Viral Vibes in 2024: How to Elevate Your Business’ Social Media Marketing (Infographic)


Social media marketing (SMM) is a type of digital marketing and e-marketing that involves leveraging social media platforms to promote a brand, increase sales, and drive web traffic. SMM revolves around creating and sharing content to engage audiences and build brand awareness. 

In 2024, the significance of social media marketing will become more pronounced as platforms continue to evolve and user engagement deepens. 

SMM will also contribute greatly to fostering brand loyalty and adapting to emerging trends, making it an even more indispensable element of modern marketing strategies.

Viral Vibes in 2024: How to Elevate Your Business' Social Media Marketing Infographic
Viral Vibes in 2024: How to Elevate Your Business’ Social Media Marketing (Infographic)

Tips to Elevate Your Social Media Marketing

Ann estimated 4.9 billion people use social media worldwide, with Facebook as the reigning social media platform and closely followed by YouTube. 

These numbers serve as compelling proof of people’s widespread reliance on social media for gathering information about specific topics or brands. The same data underscores why numerous businesses strive to distinguish themselves amid intense competition. 

In the quest for virality, standing out can be a challenge for many enterprises. Thankfully, there are some tips to help you elevate your social media marketing strategy

  1. Set Clear Goals and Objectives

A successful social media marketing campaign starts with setting clear goals and objectives. Ask yourself if your marketing plans are aligned with your goals. 

To help, you can utilize the SMART framework, a goal-setting strategy widely used in various fields, including social media marketing. 

  • Specific – Be specific and clear in defining what you want to achieve. 
  • Measurable – Establish metrics to quantify progress and success.
  • Attainable – Ensure your goals are realistic and achievable.
  • Relevant – Align your social media goals with your overall business objectives.
  • Time-bound – Set a specific timeframe for achieving your goals.
  1. Learn About Your Target Audience

Extracting insights from existing customers can help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s preferences and behaviors. Exploring generational marketing is also beneficial.

Eye on Tech identifies the five main generations often targeted by marketers to boost engagement for your brand – Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. Marketers have discovered that each age group responds differently to messages on distinct channels. 

What is Generational Marketing? (In About A Minute)

  1. Select the Right Platforms

Contrary to what many people assume, having a presence on every platform is not what constitutes a successful SMM strategy. What truly counts is making a substantial impact on a selected few. 

When it comes to social media, quality matters more than quantity. Posting subpar content for the sake of numbers can damage your brand. Instead, you must give more importance to meticulous research and strategic planning in aligning objectives with your target audience. 

Tailoring your focus to platforms favored by your specific demographic is particularly advantageous, especially for small and mid-sized businesses with limited resources.

  1. Develop a Game Plan for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Remember that it should take careful consideration when uploading content on your business website. Posting just for the sake of posting is never a good strategy. 

Below are some pointers to help you shape your social media strategy:

  • Compile a list of upcoming festivals and special days.
  • Establish a content theme to deliver a cohesive experience to your audience.
  • Develop a set of hashtags tailored for different platforms.
  • Ensure it encompasses your primary events, features, and campaigns.
  • Employ social media marketing tools to schedule posts and manage multiple accounts effectively.
  1. Have a Social Media Content Calendar

Content calendars offer several advantages, including effective resource distribution, enhanced team collaboration, and a deeper understanding of what resonates with your audience.

You can utilize tools such as social media content calendars to organize and publish your content efficiently and on time. You can also outsource social media marketing to help you better manage your social media content. These professionals follow a specific system, allowing them to post your content in a timely manner. 

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is key in social media marketing, and becoming complacent after a viral moment can be detrimental. Riding the momentum and consistently creating relevant posts keeps the audience engaged and the brand in the spotlight.

However, maintaining consistency can be challenging, especially as the demand for fresh content continues. You can repurpose your most relevant posts, giving them a new angle or perspective to breathe new life into familiar content. 

Alternatively, you may enlist the assistance of a social media marketing company Philippines, leveraging their expertise to ensure a steady and impactful content flow.

Partnering with a social media marketing company can offer you a way to be consistent with your postings. It will also open your business to a wealth of experience, creative insights, and strategic approaches for your online presence. 

  1. Use the Art of Storytelling

Many individuals base their purchasing decisions on emotions, and the foundation of brand loyalty often lies in these emotional connections. Hence, your content must not only be relevant but also capable of resonating with their emotions. 

A prime example is this renowned fast-food chain celebrated for creating relatable and heartwarming commercials. One of their advertisements has left a lasting impression on many that it continues to resonate even today.

Kwentong Jollibee Valentine’s Series 2017: Vow

But while effective, creating relatable video advertisements can come with a higher cost. As an alternative, businesses can opt for a simpler yet equally effective approach to captivate consumers. 

This involves sharing a series of posts sequentially, creating anticipation, and narrating a complete story from its inception to its conclusion.

By employing these storytelling techniques, you can establish a connection that transcends the product, leaving a lasting and meaningful impact on your audience.

  1. Ride the Trends

Social media platforms experience continuous change, with algorithms and trends evolving constantly. Therefore, staying abreast of these shifts and leveraging emerging marketing trends is crucial for successful social media marketing. 

Currently, TikTok sets the tone for many trends marketers and advertisers. They are leveraging this platform to enhance relevance and relatability with their audience. Additional social media trends encompass:

  • Live video content
  • Utilizing messaging apps for customer communication
  • Embracing augmented reality
  • Leveraging Instagram Stories and Facebook Reels
  • Strategic use of advertising
  1. Learn More About Social Media Analytics

Analytics play a crucial role in detecting shifts within the primary audience. This information can unveil insights into the platforms your marketing team should prioritize for engagement with your target buyer personas. 

These data can also offer valuable insights about the specific products and services that interest customers, allowing you to focus on advertising what truly sells. 

Work with the Best Social Media Company

The average time most people spend on social media is 2.5 hours. Two-thirds of 6,000 respondents even use these platforms to make a purchase. 

Considering these figures, it is given that social media marketing is now of utmost importance for businesses. However, with social media’s constantly evolving nature, finding a stable SMM strategy can be difficult. 

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