How Video SEO Will Influence Digital Marketing in 2024


Video SEO remains the cornerstone of content marketing’s future. It offers distinct opportunities to disseminate information, share stories, and forge connections while deeply engaging with audiences. Amidst changing trends, consumers’ desire for genuine, interactive connections with brands remains the same.

Nonetheless, the landscape of video marketing is also shifting. This year, video marketing is evolving towards a more casual, continual, and experiential approach. Let’s dive deeper into how video content will shape the trajectory of 2024’s digital marketing.

How Videos Influence Consumer Buying Behavior

Video views account for over 80% of global internet traffic.

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The integration of videos onto business product or service pages has a remarkable influence on consumer behavior and can contribute to a substantial 144% increase in purchases. This underlines the potency of incorporating video content within the company’s websites.

Videos, particularly explanatory ones, serve as a catalyst for engaging customers and facilitating a swift grasp of intricate product or service details. This functionality greatly aids potential customers in comprehending the core aspects of what a business offers.

In the modern marketplace, consumers exhibit a heightened awareness and prudence, often making purchasing decisions only after attaining a thorough understanding of a product or service’s functionalities. Herein lies the value of deploying product videos or explanatory films, enabling businesses to effectively educate their audience about the nuanced features and optimal utilization of their offerings. Notably, the popularity of how-to videos on platforms like YouTube underscores the demand for informative and instructional content among consumers seeking comprehensive knowledge before making purchases.

Videos, with their combined visual and auditory appeal, possess an unparalleled ability to captivate viewers. This level of engagement surpasses the impact of mere written descriptions. Videos can help your brand foster more meaningful connections with potential buyers.

To see more about how video is redefining consumer engagement and brand visibility, here are some of the video trends in 2024.

  1. Silent Video
92% of consumers watched videos with sounds off.

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In 2024, more social media users are expected to watch videos without sound. Currently, statistics show that: 

  • 85% of Facebook videos and 80% of LinkedIn videos are viewed in silent mode. 
  • Meta’s research highlights that people dislike loud mobile video ads, with 80% reacting negatively towards the brand and the platform. 
  • Optimizing video content for silent viewing increases the likelihood of a complete watch-through by 70%. 

To adapt, focus on creating video content that communicates effectively without sound. With the help of an SEO outsourcing company, you can use subtitles and captions to enhance your brand’s discoverability through searchable keywords.

2. Vertical Video

Statistics reveal that 57% of user-generated videos are filmed in a vertical format, while a staggering 94% of users hold their phones vertically.

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As more individuals opt for smartphones to consume online content, the prevalence of vertical video has notably surged. Statistics reveal that 57% of user-generated videos are filmed in a vertical format, while a staggering 94% of users hold their phones vertically. This trend stems from the favorable experience of not having to turn your phone to view the content fully. 

While vertical videos limit the frame’s scope for detailed content, they excel in eliminating extraneous peripheral information, allowing viewers to focus more intently on the central action. This streamlined approach enhances the viewing experience by minimizing distractions and directing attention solely toward the primary content.

3. Live Streaming

Viewers consumed an impressive 7.5 billion hours of live content across various platforms in the third quarter of 2023. This number represents 17% of global internet traffic. What’s more, the global live-streaming market continues to expand vigorously, boasting an annual growth rate of 27%.

Top social media platforms for live streaming video marketing

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The allure of live streaming for marketers is multifaceted and compelling. One key factor is its inherent authenticity compared to pre-recorded video content. The real-time nature of live streaming fosters a genuine connection with the audience, creating an atmosphere that feels spontaneous, unfiltered, and trustworthy. 

Live streams can sustain viewer attention for extended periods. As events unfold live, viewers are drawn into the moment, engaging more deeply and staying connected throughout the broadcast, unlike pre-recorded videos. 

4. Video SEO on Social Media

Video SEO on Social Media

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Video SEO is not limited to Google and YouTube; it also holds a significant influence on social media visibility. In fact, recent research indicates that many Gen Z use TikTok as their go-to search engine.

Effective video SEO plays a pivotal role in reaching your target audience. This involves not only incorporating relevant keywords but also crafting captivating content. Similar to how search engines evaluate factors like bounce rate and dwell time for web page rankings, social media platforms also consider watch time and engagement metrics in determining video rankings.

5. Smartphone Video Production

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A few years back, creating videos was a resource-intensive endeavor, demanding considerable time and financial investment. For numerous marketers, developing video content meant outsourcing to expansive production firms equipped with scriptwriters, expensive gear, and sophisticated video editing tools.

However, in 2024, video production has become more streamlined and accessible. Marketers are now veering toward smartphones instead of investing in costly cameras. They’re prioritizing genuine, unscripted content over grand-scale productions, opting for simpler lighting arrangements in place of studio setups. 

An increasing number of video marketers in 2024 are opting for straightforward smartphone videos. This shift aligns with the overarching trend toward simplified video production methods. Seek the help of the social media pros from agencies like Digital Marketing Philippines to optimize your video content streaming production.

6. Video Ads

One of the most popular types of video people encounter in daily small business marketing is the advertisement. These ads are everywhere, from pre-roll commercials preceding YouTube videos to TV commercials and sponsored posts that appear on our Facebook timelines. They can showcase products and services people weren’t initially aware they needed. 

Video advertising growth at $105.9 billion by 2027

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A video advertisement can encompass anything that can promote your business. 

  • An ad unveiling a new product or service allows for the swift dissemination of crucial information to customers. 
  • Ads highlighting a time-sensitive offer hold the potential to steer traffic to your website and drive conversions. 
  • Videos featuring customer testimonials can cultivate trust, bolster social proof, and establish a connection between potential customers and your brand. 

In essence, ads serve as a rapid and attention-grabbing method to spotlight your small business and disseminate essential information to your audience.

Start a Video SEO Strategy Today with Digital Marketing Philippines

Across diverse platforms, videos have risen to prominence as the preferred mode of content consumption. Businesses stand to benefit by embracing this trend and creating compelling, shareable video content. 

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