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How to Do On-Page SEO Like a Pro

On-page SEO is the process that you should integrate in your internet marketing campaign. The process involves optimizing your website not only to work your way around search engine algorithms but also to connect successfully with your targeted visitors. The process goes beyond keyword densities or specifying meta tags as what many people think on-page SEO is. It is so important that it can practically define success or failure not only in search engine rankings but in your overall internet marketing campaign as well.

Understanding the Basics and Importance of On-Page SEO

There are several aspects in considerations in SEO but one of the most important areas of focus is On-Page SEO. Also termed on-site SEO, on-page SEO involves optimizing internal elements of your website pages to make them more search engine friendly. If you’re planning on using SEO as an integral part of your Internet Marketing campaign, it would be to your greatest advantage to have a clear understanding of the basics and importance of On-page SEO.

What is Google MUM, and How Does it Affect Your SEO Ranking? (Infographic)

The Google search algorithm is a sophisticated system that enables the search engine to discover, rank, and return the websites that are most pertinent to a given search query. It assesses the keywords inputted for meaning, intent, and timeliness to find the most relevant materials to display. At times, the search will be quite simple. […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2023: How to Come Out on Top? (Infographic)

Digital marketing is constantly changing and shaping how enterprises strategize their promotions. Digital marketing trends influence how companies manage social media content, automate tasks, perform or outsource SEO, and conduct market research. Fortunately, brands are becoming more versatile towards shifting factors and growing opportunities in the digital market. They have developed various cost-effective methods to […]

Boosting Digital Presence with a Faster Site Speed

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, people already relied on internet-connected technology and services. But this was amplified when lockdowns caused mobility limitations, and consumers had to depend on digital platforms and facilities to complete tasks and transactions. And people only continue to spend more time engaging in online activities. This image is taken from DataReportal. […]

The Rise of Voice Search and Its Impact on SEO

Voice search is a technology that allows a person to search the web using only their voice. This function originally debuted on smartphones as a result of developments in speech recognition, allowing it to replace the search bar. Now, its use is even more widespread with the advent of new IoT devices and technologies such as voice assistants. Advancement […]

Long-Form Video Content: Should You Use it for Digital Marketing? (Infographic)

Video Content have been an integral part of digital marketing campaigns and remain a powerful tool in this endeavor. This type of content delivers messages to consumers through the combination of audio and visual elements, allowing them to retain information more effectively than written text.  The percentage of businesses using video content in their marketing efforts […]

Digital Marketing in the Retail Sector: What to Expect in 2022? (Infographic)

It is no surprise that 2022 will be another year of automation and digital transformation in the retail industry. Accordingly, marketers strive to keep up with the sophisticated technologies and changing consumer behavior that impacts the shopping experience. Some trends have been solidified following the events of the ongoing pandemic, while new practices also emerged […]