How Can Interactive Marketing Aid In Company Growth? (Infographic)


Have you ever answered a brand’s Twitter poll? Or comment on a YouTube video after you were asked to share your thoughts on a topic? If yes, then you have experienced interactive marketing.

What is interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing is a strategy that encourages users to engage with the brand. This is done by creating digital content that fosters interaction, like quizzes, surveys, and interactive social media posts.

It is an alternative to static content, which follows a one-way communicative approach to marketing. Interactive content provides a channel for the brand and consumers to interact with a two-way approach.

The goal is to boost online engagements by giving users a more engaging brand experience through personalized and interactive content.

How Can Interactive Marketing Aid In Company Growth? (Infographic)

How Does Interactive Marketing Impact Your Business?

There are many reasons why interactive content is becoming increasingly popular today. One of them is because it is a great way for brands to set themselves apart from competitors, according to 88% of marketers.

Interactive marketing is rooted in setting ways for viewers to interact with the brand’s content. A quick interaction like a one-question survey opens up opportunities for promotions or sales.

Establishing interactivity as a factor in content creation can provide numerous benefits. It can positively impact your business’s bottom line in the following ways:

Makes Content Memorable

It’s one thing to get your content in front of viewers. It’s another to make them remember its message. Interactivity combined with traditional marketing materials helps content become more memorable to viewers.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 79% of respondents agreed that interactive content enhances message retention when used to accompany other content. By inciting brand interaction, you can make your blog posts or video content more memorable.

Increases Lead Generation

An increase in engagements results in more opportunities for sales conversion. Interactive content helps you with lead generation by uncovering prospects. Those who interact with the brand’s content are candidates for sales. You can follow up with them and apply appropriate strategies to get them to buy the company’s products or avail of its services.

Even when an interaction does not convert to a sale right away, every subsequent interaction brings the consumer closer to doing business with the company.

Fosters Customer Retention and Loyalty

Interactive marketing takes part in customer retention management as positive interactions foster brand loyalty. For instance, a survey is a brand’s way of saying they care about their customers’ thoughts. 

You make customers feel valued by sending out emails asking customers about their experience with the company. This also conveys that you are always looking to improve, contributing to better brand perception.

Generates Valuable Data

Interactive marketing is not just about engaging audiences. It can also provide businesses with a way to gather data. Interactive content like polls and surveys helps brands attain information about their audiences. Marketers can create rich, detailed prospect profiles and set strategies according to them.

Interactive content’s data-gathering capabilities have become more useful with the loss of third-party data. Third-party cookies used to be marketers’ go-to method to build consumer profiles online. Now, stricter privacy laws and Google’s third-party cookie phase-out have led marketers to seek alternative ways of gathering consumer data. 

High Impact for Low Costs

If you are looking for new marketing strategies to implement on a tight budget, interactive marketing is a high-impact, low-cost option. Interactive content receives 94% higher engagements than static content with nearly the same efforts.

Applying interactivity in your content does not need to be drastic or over the top. Not all interactive content requires you to outsource illustration services to become effective. For instance, you can make your blog posts interactive simply by adding ways for readers to interact with you, like a comment section or chat box.

On top of this, interactive marketing is cost-effective because you can revamp your existing static content to become interactive. This will result in even lower costs and effort for a higher impact.

What are Examples of Interactive Marketing?

Here are examples of interactive marketing campaigns you can implement to boost online engagements and sales conversion: 

Interactive Blog Posts, Infographics, and Videos

Content is the biggest player in today’s marketing playground. Almost all brands have somehow utilized content to drive engagements. Maximize your content’s attention-grabbing power by making them interactive.

You can make content more interactive by:

  • Asking questions and providing a channel for viewers to respond
  • Making elements move when viewers interact with them
  • Allow viewers to jump to a section of the content with appropriate links

Quizzes and Assessments

Quizzes and assessments are one of the most popular forms of interactive marketing. It is also one of the most successful. Buzzfeed, a digital news and entertainment company, has capitalized on quizzes to bring traffic to its website. Over 96% of Buzzfeed visitors who start a sponsored quiz have been observed to finish them. This is a testament to interactive content’s ability to grab and hold viewers’ attention.

Quizzes and assessments are great interactive content projects. You can help viewers understand the products or services they need from your company during the deciding phase by providing them with a quick interactive assessment.  

Personalized and Interactive Emails

Email is still an effective marketing channel. Personalizing messages has become a trend in email marketing as they are more likely to receive engagements from recipients. With interactivity, you can enhance email appeal.

Interactive emails can be in the form of:

  • Targeted surveys based on previous products or services acquired
  • Interactive promotions like digital scratch cards
  • Follow-up emails after purchase

Mobile Apps

Not all brands may benefit from creating mobile applications, but if your company is one of them, they can be great for boosting engagements while providing value for your audiences. For example, retailers can design their own apps to present their offerings more effectively.

Interact with Consumers and Boost Engagements

Interactive content is becoming increasingly popular due to its valuable marketing impact. Set yourself apart from competitors by supporting interactivity within your digital marketing strategies. Try out the different interactive marketing campaigns presented and watch your business grow.

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